The Fine (Nail) Art of Being a Girl, Round 2

Lisa Harris

Hey everyone and welcome to The Fine (Nail) Art of Being a Girl, round two.  I am so not the girliest of girls but I love, love, love having my nails done.  My good friend and neighbor, Lisa Harris is a nail artist and photographer and she has started experimenting on my nails.  I LOVE nail day and seeing what kind of awesomeness Lisa comes up with and thought you may enjoy it too.  All of the images below are original work – nails and photographs by Lisa.  You can find her and more about the products she used at:

The Sleepy Orange/Website       Facebook       Instagram       Pinterest

The Bees

photo 3

This mani was just perfect for early summer!  The nail polish is light and fun and  the honeycomb stamp in silver with the black bee on top are perfect accents.

photo 4

Harley Quinn

photo 1

My daughter loves Harley Quinn and this mani was absolutely inspired by that love.  Turns out, this is absolutely, positively one of my very favorite manis . . .EVER!!  So fun, so cute and very different than what I am used to wearing.  Love, love, love what Lisa put together for this 🙂

photo 2This thing looks really complicated and, it was but Lisa is a pro and she was ready the second I sat down.  In all, I am wearing three different colors of nail polish and have at least one stamp on each finger.  If you are wondering about durability, these things last!!  I am not easy on my hands or nails and this mani lasted me 10 days with no real signs of coming off or falling apart.  They would have lasted longer but I had a nail appointment 🙂

The Peacock Feathersphoto 1This is my current manicure and I am loving it.  I never wear blue because it doesn’t always look as good on as it does in the bottle.  This blue doesn’t disappoint and with the black peacock feather stamp, I have something subtle and lovely.  I adore the fact that the feathers are in different directions and places on each nail 🙂

photo 2







2 Comments on “The Fine (Nail) Art of Being a Girl, Round 2

  1. These are fantastic. So much fun. Would you believe I’ve never had my nails done? My granddaughters do. Thanks for showing us Lisa’s beautiful work.

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