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Title: Never Doubt Me Series: Book #2: Judge Me Not Series Author: S.R. Grey Age/Genre: NA Contemporary Romance Published: April 27, 2014
Title: Never Doubt Me
Series: Book #2: Judge Me Not Series
Author: S.R. Grey
Age/Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: April 27, 2014

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Can a tattooed, former bad boy leave his past behind? Can he find lasting happiness with the love of his life? Gorgeous and sexy Chase Gartner hopes to do just that with Kay Stanton. But when Chase’s troubled teen brother, Will, stays on in Harmony Creek, Ohio—-after an unexpected arrival-—Chase and Kay’s bonds of love and commitment are soon tested. Chase finds himself caught up in secrets—-and revisiting a past he thought he’d left behind—-when Will makes a number of irresponsible decisions. Despite Chase’s attempts to keep his brother out of trouble, Will’s reckless behavior continues, affecting not only Chase and Kay, but other residents in town…one disastrously so. But it’s the final, potentially deadly decision Will makes when his girlfriend runs into trouble back in Las Vegas that leads Chase to make a fateful decision of his own. A choice that threatens his relationship with Kay. Never Doubt Me is a touching, poignant story of love, redemption, and coming to grips with the fact that escaping the past is never easy. New Adult/Contemporary Romance genres. 2nd novel in the Judge Me Not series.

***Warning: contains explicit sexual situations, drug use, some violence, and profanity***

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My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

Dear reader, I would like to introduce to the reigning Queen of All Things Angsty, Dramatic and, Heavy.  Her name is S.R. Grey and she is damn good at all things angsty, dramatic and, heavy!  Never Doubt Me is round two of The Judge Me Not series and it picks up exactly where book one left off, with an angsty teenager and his girlfriend standing on Chase’s front porch after having run away from home.  Yep, that’s just what Chase and Kay need in their lives right now.

To be completely fair to Will (aka the angsty teen) the running away from home was justified.  His girlfriend’s step-father is creeptastic and in an effort to keep her away from him, she and Will hopped in her car and drove to Chase.  Unwilling to turn away his younger brother, Chase allows the two come in as long as all parents are notified and agree to the unexpected visit.  Not surprisingly, Will and Chase’s lousy mother instantly agrees and Cassie’s mother, now aware of what her daughter has been enduring is aware and agrees to the arrangement as well.  Kay, in an effort to support Chase and see his relationship with his brother improve, agrees to the arrangement as well. 

On the surface, both Chase and Kay are totally ready to take on the challenge of Will and Cassie but underneath, each is completely uncertain.  Chase sees some early signs of drug use in Will and is willing to go to any length to keep his brother from such a life.  Cassie is traumatized and only with prodding is willing to talk to Kay about her situation.  Additionally, Will and Cassie are totally hormonal teenagers away from home and unsupervised for much of the day while Kay and Chase are at work.  Yep, nothing bad can happen there L 

Though Kay understands Chase is doing the best he can she also knows he is hiding things from her and though she has asked about it, he refuses to open up.  Obviously, the deceit is weighing on her and though she desperately wants to trust Chase, his past is working against him and causing Kay to doubt nearly everything about them.  Additionally, Kay fully appreciates that both Will and Cassie need help but their presence is causing problems and causing the normally delightful Kay to become anxious and upset.  Kay desperately wants Chase to be happy but the presence of his brother is causing the exact opposite and before all is said and done, the situation will get totally and completely out of control!

The Bottom Line:  I normally run far, far away from angst in books but S.R. Grey has a way of making even me love the angst.  As with book one, Never Doubt Me is a heavy and dramatic read shot through with moments of happiness, laughter and, tenderness.  Oh, and Chase is a sexy, tattooed, dynamo in bed so those naughty bits are steamy and gooood 🙂  At its core, Never Doubt Me is really two reads woven into one with Will and Cassie’s story overlapping with Chase and Kay’s evolving story.  The weaving is excellent and the merging of the two stories flows beautifully from start to finish.  Since I mentioned the plot, you should know that even though the plot is quite fine, it really plays second fiddle to the impressively written characters.  Good or bad, Grey’s characters are big, vivid and, completely consuming.  It takes about a minute to get wrapped up in their lives and you just can’t ever untangle yourself nor do you care too.  Oh, and then there is the matter of that dirty rotten ending that has absolutely left me desperate for book three.  “Happy” reading and kudos to you S.R. Grey for wrapping me around your little literary finger 🙂

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About the author and where to find her:

S.R. Grey is an Amazon and Barnes & Noble Top 100 bestselling author. Harbour Falls, Willow Point, and Wickingham Way are novels in the completed Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy. She is also the author of New Adult novels I Stand Before You (Judge Me Not #1) and Never Doubt Me (Judge Me Not #2). Ms. Grey’s novels have appeared on Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists in multiple categories. New novels slated for publication in 2014 are Inevitable Detour, a New Adult novel with a Romantic Suspense edge, as well as Just Let Me Love You (Judge Me Not #3). Ms. Grey resides in western Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, as well as an MBA. Her background may be in business, but her true passion lies in writing. When not writing, Ms. Grey can be found reading, traveling, running, or cheering for her hometown sports teams.

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