Naughty Reads Round-Up: Book Info., Ratings and, Quick Thoughts

Title: Fantasy Guild Box Set Series: Fantasy Guild: Jasmine (vol. 1), Pamela (vol. 2), Freya (vol. 3) Author: Anwen Stiles Format: Kindle Edition, 205 pages Published: January 10, 2014  ASIN: B00HSX5LJW
Title: Fantasy Guild Box Set
Series: Fantasy Guild: Jasmine (vol. 1), Pamela (vol. 2), Freya (vol. 3)
Author: Anwen Stiles
Format: Kindle Edition, 205 pages
Published: January 10, 2014

Purple Goodreads


Warning — Explicit language and red-hot multiple partner sex scenes suitable only for adults. Includes oral sex, anal sex, and light bondage and spanking.

Jasmine and her fellow book clubbers grow disgruntled that characters in spicy novels live larger than they do. They want what their latest fictional heroine got — a seriously sizzling encounter with a gang of hot, lusty men. Deciding it’s time to make their own racy daydreams come true, they form the Fantasy Guild.  Jasmine volunteers to be the test case and sets out to find the perfect players who will bring her erotic, high-stakes poker game to life. It’s a tantalizing first for Jasmine, and five hard-bodied men guarantee it’ll be a night to remember. She’s only the beginning. Up next, Pamela seeks an afternoon of poolside delight with some smokin’ younger hired hands. Lastly, Freya turns spy and is captured by five sexy interrogators who won’t rest until they’ve tortured every single piece of intel from Freya’s helpless person.  All the ladies agree — the Fantasy Guild is off to a dazzling start!

My Ratings and Quick Thoughts:

This read started out quite well with the backstory about how the Fantasy Guild comes to be and Jasmine’s willingness to test the group sex waters.  Jasmine is strong and courageous and more than willing to give her fantasies free reign.  Her night with the boys is WOW hot and her bravery leads to other women in the group to step up to play.  Pamela’s story is a little less hot as it is bound up in her issues over her ex.  Her fantasy is pretty vanilla but the boys are gorgeous, the sex is fierce and, Pamela comes away from the encounter with more confidence and sexual freedom.  Last up in the set is Freya, a young, quiet woman with a passion for spies and an intense desire to experiment.  Her night with the boys is based on her love of spy novels and an interest in light bondage.  As with Pamela’s story, this read went downhill just a bit and I found myself skipping over large chunks of information.  Overall, Jasmine’s story is a solid 4/5 stars, Pamela’s story is 3½/5 stars and, Freya’s story is 3/5 stars.

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 Power Play Novella Series by Selena Kitt

In general, I liked this series and though each title is listed in a particular order, I read the series out of order and had no issues.  Of the seven novellas, I have read six (I can’t get one of them from Amazon right now – BOO!) and found each to be a unique story with generally likeable characters and a very light plot that is crafted for one thing and one thing only, to get to the sex.  The sex is not particularly dirty nor does it cross any real comfort boundaries for me (OK, maybe the priest does but that’s just because he’s a priest :)) and will certainly keep the mild erotica reader entertained.   And so, without further ado, here’s the reading order for Selena Kitt’s Power Play series:

Novella #1: Kelsey and the Executive: 3½/5 stars

13629022Kelsey never dreamed her first job out of college with her bachelor’s degree in hand would be as a secretary. Still, she’s grateful to have any job at all, with the economy at a standstill, and she consoles herself that she is, after all, an “executive” secretary to one of the most powerful men in the country. Oliver Pierce turns out to be a harsh taskmaster, and while her friends wonder how Kelsey got the job at all, with such a thin resume, Kelsey doesn’t have to wonder. It becomes quite clear very quickly that her lack of experience is exactly what Oliver Pierce was looking for, and she finds herself utterly seduced, happy to be his perfect blank slate, ready to be shaped and molded and made completely his.


 Novella #2: Katie and the Dom: 4/5 stars

Katie has a secret wish—she wants to be a submissive. She dreams of being a man’s sex slave—forced, bound, gagged, taken and usedPP #2 - Katie and the Dom   for a man’s pleasure. But single, sedate, librarian Katie doesn’t run in those circles and has no idea how to make that happen, until she sees an ad on Craiglist. Her friend, Lori, tells her it’s too dangerous, and she’s right. Her first Dom, Patrick, is woefully inexperienced, but thankfully, Liam interrupts his little brother’s attempts. And that’s when Katie locks eyes with the most dangerous man she’ll ever meet. Liam is a true Dom, and he wants Katie, perhaps even more than she wants him.


Novella #3: Emily and the Priest: 3/5 stars

PP #3 - Emily and the PriestHer first year away from home at Catholic college has been a disaster for shy, awkward Emily, falling in with the wrong crowd, just trying to fit in with the other girls. When Father Mark, the campus psychologist, takes her under his wing, she’s more than grateful, and under his tutelage, Emily blossoms into ripe, luscious fruit, just ready to be plucked. By the time Father Mark realizes his mistake, it’s too late—Emily has fallen for him, and he for her. God help them both.


Novella #4: Ivy and the Cop: 4½/5 stars

Ivy’s car has broken down in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere on the way back from a summer babysitting job, her cell PP #4 - Ivy and the Copphone neglectfully uncharged, and she’s never been so grateful to see flashing lights in her rearview mirror. The familiar, rugged, gorgeous cop who comes to her rescue is sympathetic, inviting Ivy into the front seat of his cruiser where he intends to call for a tow-truck. But before he can get that far, their incessant flirting leads to Ivy’s confession that she has a secret fantasy about cops, and officer Paxton declares himself off-duty—so he can play out Ivy’s fantasy with her over the hood of the police cruiser. But there’s more danger lurking than just being stranded by the side of the road, and Ivy finds herself in a quandary even her rescuer may not be able to save her from.


Novella #5: Jodie and the Billionaire: 4/5 stars

PP #5 - Jodie and the BillionaireA trip to Vegas for her best friend’s bachelorette party is the perfect break from her high stress job, and it serves to be lucky for Jodie, when handsome millionaire Dorian Cole asks her to roll dice for him at the craps table. Always lucky with dice, Jodie wins him two-hundred-thousand dollars. Grateful, Dorian offers to tip her, but Jodie refuses, ready to go off with her friends to a night on the town. And that’s when Jodie gets a real life indecent proposal–an invitation to be the billionaire’s “date” for the weekend. Looking into the man’s darkly seductive eyes–how could she possibly say no?


Novella #6: Donnie and the Maid: N/R – cannot get from Amazon at this time 😦

Divorced Donnie hasn’t had it easy since his wife abandoned him for a six-figure income with the richest man in the county, taking their PP #6 - Donnie and the Maid two kids with her. He knows he’s a bit of a daydreamer— a poet, a writer—who just can’t be bothered with real world things like preparing meals or cleaning toilets. When his 10-year-old daughter complains that Dad’s house is “grody” and tells him, “Mom keeps threatening to call social services,” Donnie breaks down and hires a housekeeper. Sexy little Elena is a godsend, in more ways than one, descending on his house with a feather duster and a skirt so short it takes his breath away. And while Donnie struggles to keep his lust—and his growing feelings—in check, Elena finally makes it clear that he’s more than welcome to service the new maid!

Novella #7: Bailey and the Professor: 4½/5 stars

PP #7 - Bailey and the ProfessorBailey’s graduate science classes are much harder than she expected them to be, and strict, young Professor Jacobs, in particular, seems out to get her, finding minute mistakes in her work, making her re-do assignments she’s already meticulously completed. When he forces her to start staying late in the lab, Bailey complains to her roommate that she’s about ready to quit school altogether, but what she doesn’t know is that her stern professor has a carnal lesson he’s waiting to teach her. Bailey is about to discover that she and Professor Jacobs share a great deal of “chemistry” together!



Title: Best Friends Share Everything Author: Miranda Stowe Format: Kindle Edition, 39 pages Published: March 2011 by Whispers Publishing  ASIN: B004TTW37Q
Title: Best Friends Share Everything
Author: Miranda Stowe
Format: Kindle Edition, 39 pages
Published: March 2011 by Whispers Publishing

Purple Goodreads


 It all started as one big misunderstanding. Jessie Sawyer’s boyfriend, Devin, gave her a key to his apartment and she merely wanted to thank him in a jazzy, make-your-wet-dreams-come-true kind of way. She had no idea his roommate, Conner, would come home so early and catch her posing in her new lingerie…with her hand between her legs. But what begins as one huge, mortifying experience soon turns into the most memorable, pleasurable night of her life when Devin finally shows up and neither man wants her to leave.

My Rating and Quick Thoughts:

Woosh!!  This naughty novella is an easy 5-star read for me and I have already read it more than once.  😉  Jessie just wants to do something really special for her boyfriend, Devin and for their anniversary but it somehow goes awkwardly wrong and she is “caught” by her boyfriend’s roommate, Conner instead of Devin.  As if things couldn’t get any more embarrassing, Conner returns the naughty favor thus forcing Jessie to admit she has a serious attraction to both men and not just Devin.  What I particularly enjoyed about this read is the acceptance of all involved – there is no forcing, no coercion just three consenting adults exploring an exciting and steamy night together.  I also very much like the contrast between Devin and Conner and even with their differences are still very caring and concerned about Jessie, her comfort and, her pleasure.  In all, a fine bit of erotica with a good blend of story, characters and, naughty bits.


Title: J's Closet Author: Ryan O'Leary Format: Kindle Edition, 155 pages Published: January 8, 2014 by Beau Coup Publishing   ASIN: B00HRJ9Q1Q
Title: J’s Closet
Author: Ryan O’Leary
Format: Kindle Edition, 155 pages
Published: January 8, 2014 by Beau Coup Publishing

Purple Goodreads


*Content Warning: intended for mature audiences 18+

No head games, just fun games. Come along with J and her swoon-worthy husband Travis, as this sexy married couple explores the contents of J’s extensive wardrobe. Whether they’re in Travis’ Charger, on a beach in Mexico or at a hot yoga class, J’s got the right outfit to make Travis sit up and beg.

 My Rating and Quick Thoughts:

 I liked this read and can comfortably give it 3½ to 4/5 stars but I can’t say it is going to fly to the top of my list of reads that come  to mind when I have a hankering for erotica.  Other than the narrator’s voice feeling a bit awkward at times, I can’t say there is anything particularly wrong with this read, it just didn’t blow my skirt up like other reads have.  The characters are OK the sex is steamy and the tiniest bit inventive and there is always, as the title implies an article of clothing from J’s closet involved.  In all, an OK read but if you have make a decision between spending your pennies on this read or another, go with the other read.   To be completely fair and honest, I am not done with this author and will likely be giving another one of his reads a try just as a point of comparison.


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