The Fine (Nail) Art of Being a Girl


Hey everyone and welcome to The Fine (Nail) Art of Being a Girl.  I am so not the girliest of girls but I love, love, love having my nails done.  My good friend and neighbor, Lisa Harris is a nail artist and photographer and she has started experimenting on my nails.  I LOVE nail day and seeing what kind of awesomeness Lisa comes up with and thought you may enjoy it too.  All of the images below are original work – nails and photographs by Lisa.  You can find her and more about the products she used at:

The Sleepy Orange/Website       Facebook       Instagram       Pinterest

The Octopus:


This turned out so well but believe me, Lisa and I both still growl at that damn stamp!!  This was a long process but so worth it in the end; I adore the tentacles 🙂




 This one was a lot of fun and pretty easy to do – so sayeht the girl who only had to sit there and be pretty!! HA!!  From left to right you are seeing Cancer (my daughter’s sign), Taurus (my sign), the Little Dipper and, Orien.


 Panda and Bamboo


 Purple is my favorite color but I have a real tendency to shy away from white.  Lisa totally made a believer out of me and I really enjoyed this set of nails.  The bamboo and paw prints are my two favorites with the panda coming in a very close second.  This was a very happy set of nails 🙂


The Naughty Nails

photo 2This set came about because of the mask on my ring finger.  I have been eyeing that stamp for a couple of weeks but Lisa didn’t have the right combination of materials until this week to make the mask work.  Of course, the awesome mask and burgundy nail polish led to the other stamps, all of which I adore 🙂

photo 1



2 Comments on “The Fine (Nail) Art of Being a Girl

  1. Great nail art! I never polish my nails, but I always admire them on other people! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sharlene,
    Thank you so much! My friend is super-talented and I love what she is able to do with my nails. Have a great weekend 🙂

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