Review and Swepstakes: Let’s Misbehave (Book #3: Summerhill Series) by Kate Perry


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Title: Let's Misbehave Series:  Book #3: Summerhill Series Author: Kate Perry Age/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 14, 2014 Publisher: Phoenix Rising Enterprises, Inc.
Title: Let’s Misbehave
Series: Book #3: Summerhill Series
Author: Kate Perry
Age/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 14, 2014
Publisher: Phoenix Rising Enterprises, Inc.

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Imogen Summerhill, box office darling, has never wanted to be in the spotlight less.  When racy photos—and video!—are leaked by her sleazy ex, her studio couldn’t be happier. All press is good press, and this will only enhance the intrigue about her upcoming blockbuster. But how is Gigi supposed to be taken seriously as an actress with all this inappropriate buzz? She’s Cate Blanchett, not Kim Kardashian.

But then Gigi meets Merrick Graham, the Bad Boy of Politics. The last thing either of them wants is to be tainted by more scandal: he needs the support of the conservatives, and she wants to untarnish her image.  Only they can’t resist each other—separately they’re good, but in the bedroom they’re even better. They can’t be seen together in public, but in private all’s fair game, and there’s plenty of room to misbehave…

Source: Author but I totally would have paid for it 🙂

My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

What do you do when your tool bag (oh yes, the whole bag!) of a boyfriend sells a highly suggestive video of the two you engaged in some naughty business? Well, if you’re Imogen Summerhill, acclaimed and bombshellish actress, you run home to England and hide out with the family until all the press dies down.

For Imogen, the shock of the video isn’t so much about the video but about the betrayal of a man she trusted. Nursing a broken heart and determined to ride out the storm, Imogen (affectionately known as Gigi) returns to the Sumemrhill home and the safety of her family. The added bonus to the extended stay is the opportunity to better know her sisters and with their help, the heartbreak slowly begins to fade and Imogen once again starts to focus on her career. Here’s the rub: Imogen wants to be taken seriously as an actress and respected for her talent and not her “assets” but her studio wants to play up the drama and see Imogen cast as the naughty bombshell the world believes her to be. In order to salvage her career in an acceptable manner, maintain her dignity and, with any luck win an Oscar down the road, Imogen has to keep her nose clean and stay out of trouble. Yeah, right!

Merrick (aka Ricky Hazard) lives a very public life of service and his one and only goal is to pass legislation that will prevent senseless killings like the one that took his sister years and years ago. The only remnant of his former life is his best friend Valerie, a woman who loves him dearly (but ONLY as a friend) and wants to see him successful and happy. Unfortunately, Merrick is certain those two things can no longer coexist for him and as a result lives his life rather like a monk denying himself many simple pleasures. Luckily for Merrick, Valerie is all kinds of up in his business and the minute she sees Merrick uncharacteristically turn his eye toward a woman she is all over getting the two connected. Too bad that woman is Imogen Summerhill, the one woman in the world who wants to stay out of the press and avoid scandal even more than Merrick does.

As fate (and Kate Perry!) would have it, Imogen and Merrick do meet and within moments each is intrigued and attracted to the other. The attraction is ridiculously strong and prompts Imogen to ask her trusted assistant to track down Merrick’s contact information. A flirty text or two later and the two are meeting clandestinely J Per Imogen’s request and with Merrick’s absolute agreement, the meetings are to remain clandestine as neither can afford the “bad” press. For a time the arrangement works well for both but inevitably, the feelings grow and the couple has to decide what their future is or can be. Before that conversation can happen though, Imogen is inexplicably outed to the press, Merrick’s legislation is threatened and, the tool bag makes an unwanted and unexpected appearance and all but begs Imogen to come back. As required, the Summerhill sisters rally around their own, help Imogen through yet another betrayal and more than a little anger and, Bea (yet again!) offers to have someone killed. WOW!! I love those sisters 🙂

The Bottom Line: Kate Perry is on a roll and I am loving this series more and more with every single addition!! Plainly put, this is top-notch writing with fantastic characters who are constantly evolving, excellent dialogue and, plots that are remaining fresh and true to the characters. Furthermore, old favorites make appearances, the new characters add significantly to the read, Bea offers to have someone killed and, everything just fits together. In all honesty, the ride each sister takes me on is so damn entertaining that I don’t care that I know how it is all going to turn out in the end. Additionally, I am quite thankful that Jacqueline Summerhill was exceptionally fertile – that just means more sisters and more books for me to fall in love with!! And quite frankly, I am OK with that 🙂 

About the author and where to find her:

Kate has tangoed at midnight with a man in blue furry chaps, dueled with flaming swords in the desert, and strutted on bar tops across the world and back. She’s been kissed under the Eiffel Tower, had her butt pinched in Florence, and been serenaded in New Orleans. But she found Happy Ever After in San Francisco with her Magic Man.  Kate’s the bestselling author of the Laurel Heights Novels, as well as the Pillow Talk and Guardians of Destiny series. She’s been translated into several languages and is quite proud to say she’s big in Slovenia. All her books are about strong, independent women who just want love.  Most days, you can find Kate in her favorite café, working on her latest novel. Sometimes she’s wearing a tutu. She may or may not have a jeweled dagger strapped to her thigh…

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