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Title: Roanoke Vanishing Series: Book #1: The Vanishing Series Author: Auburn Seal Published: October 30, 2013 by Keys Publishing House Age/Genre: NA/Adult Historical Mystery
Title: Roanoke Vanishing
Series: Book #1: The Vanishing Series
Author: Auburn Seal
Published: October 30, 2013 by Keys Publishing House
Age/Genre: NA/Adult Historical Mystery

Purple GoodreadsSynopsis:

What if the only thing standing between you and certain death was the spirit of someone long dead?

Avery Lane, a plucky grad student, is determined to discover the fate of the colonists from sixteenth century Roanoke. Nearly one-hundred twenty souls vanished without a trace in August 1597 and their demise has remained a mystery to world’s historical experts.  Aided by a ghost from that time, Avery is certain that she is closer than ever to the truth, but soon discovers that some people will stop at nothing to keep the secret buried. Can Avery find the answers she seeks before it’s too late?

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My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

Avery Lane is dedicated to her research to the exclusion of all else including her long-term boyfriend.  For Avery, there is no half-way, there is all or nothing and she is absolutely certain her theory on precisely what happened to the colony and colonists of Roanoke will turn her entire field upside down and secure her future.  All Avery needs is the support of her mentor, Dr. Jonas Allen and given their good working relationship, that meeting should go smooth as silk.  So, why in Hell did Dr. Allen kick Avery out of his office and refuse to allow her to pursue her Roanoke research?

Every the determined one, Avery decides that Dr. Allen does not see the value in her research for one simple reason; Avery just didn’t provide enough proof.  With her head down, her mind made up and, her best friend Jen helping her with the research, Avery reloads and returns to Dr. Allen only to be fired as his graduate assistant and somewhat scared by his reaction to her work.  Additionally, as her research has continued, Avery’s home is violated by vandalizing intruders and she is nearly run off the road.  How in Hell can the questions Avery is posing about the lost colony of Roanoke be causing so much trouble?  As I mentioned before, Avery is dedicated to her work and refuses to allow vandals and a prima donna professor to dissuade and/or hinder her research.

Roanoke Vanishing just wouldn’t warrant the 5 star rating I have given it if there weren’t even more drama piled on top of the crap sundae described above.  Here’s the skinny:

1)   Jen: Avery’s best friend is acting weird.  Though she is helping Avery with the research and sounding like she is on board with Avery’s crazy theory, there are the mysterious phone calls and absences that just aren’t quite like Jen.

2)   Elinor:  Now isn’t she just the insightful one?  Elinor seems to know things about Roanoke that the history books don’t and she encourages Avery to keep digging and keep looking because the truth is all there is and all that matters.  Elinor points Avery in the right direction on more than one occasion and warns her, multiple times of the danger uncovering the truth will bring.  Furthermore, Elinor has a very nasty habit of appearing and disappearing before Avery can ask all the questions she has for her mystery guest.  Even more troubling?  Avery seems to be the only person who can see and/or hear Elinor.

3)   The Descendants: their name and wonky/creepy symbol just keeps showing up and Avery is sure they are behind all of the awful that just keeps raining down on her.  Though she has questioned Elinor about the Descendants and tried every avenue of research she can come up with, Avery is at a loss as to who these people are, what they want and, why they would be hindering her researching into a century-old mystery.  The only certainty is that they are bad people with ill intentions.

4)   Ethan: though he is a bright spot amid all the drama, he is a boy and therefore goes into the drama list.  🙂  As an employee of the Roanoke Visitor Center, Ethan helps Avery gain access to parts and pieces of the Roanoke mystery that she would not otherwise have.  He is cute and he is helpful and on more than one occasion, he saves Avery’s butt BUT (you see what I did there??) he is a distraction Avery isn’t at all sure she wants in her life.

The Bottom Line:  I loved every single page of this read!!  Roanoke Vanishing is one of my favorite types of reads: the past barrels into the present and the present plows into the past culminating in one crazy historical fiction read.  Seal has masterfully blended the past and the present in alternating chapters: as Avery is researching in the present (one chapter) the “real” story is playing out in the past (alternate chapters).  Seal has managed to bring the Roanoke colonists to life and as we watch their drama play out from their perspective, Avery is fighting for her research and her life in order to bring the Colonists and their story into the world. The fully-developed characters in both the past and the present just suck you in until you are out of pages and finally know what happened to them.  Furthermore, though there are some sparks between Avery and Ethan, there are no naughty bits and I swear to you, you will not miss them at all.  There is more than enough drama and action throughout to carry you through from start to finish.  As if all of this weren’t’ enough, Seal has cooked up a terrifyingly exciting and wholly unexpected ending and that doesn’t even include the damn bombshell she drops in the last few pages!!  In short, this is a great read and an excellent start to what should be a very exciting series.  With a solid plot, good characters and, the exclusion of naughty bits, Roanoke Vanishing will appeal to mature YA readers and older.

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