Review: Miss George’s Second Chance (Novella #2: Miss Mayhem Series) by Heather Boyd

Title: Miss George's Second Chance Series: Novella #2: Miss Mayhem Series Author: Heather Boyd Format: Kindle Edition, 104 pages Published: November 14, 2013 by LLD Press  ASIN: B00GMU6P7O
Title: Miss George’s Second Chance
Series: Novella #2: Miss Mayhem Series
Author: Heather Boyd
Format: Kindle Edition, 104 pages
Published: November 14, 2013 by LLD Press

Purple GoodreadsSynopsis:

When desperately private writer Imogen offered to marry Peter Watson, it wasn’t just to save a friend but to secure her own future. With her eyesight failing and no other prospects for marital bliss on the horizon, surely it wouldn’t be too horrible to marry without the benefits of love. But then Peter gains a title a week before they’re set to wed and all of Imogen’s expectations change.

Peter once believed that marriage to Imogen would solve his financial problems. He didn’t mind marrying for convenience and a large fortune when affection was within reach. Yet when he gains a title, an estate, and a fortune of his own, the secretive writer releases him from their engagement so he might marry for love. Now he’s returned, unwed and unaware of changes in her life, should he do what is expected or listen to his heart instead?

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Rating: 4/5 stars

 My Review:

Peter Watson has a serious problem; OK, Peter Watson has a few serious problems: he loves to gamble but isn’t very good at it, he is on the verge of losing absolutely everything and, the woman he is engaged to doesn’t love him at all.  More to the point, the woman Peter is engaged to asked him to marry her so that she may use her considerable fortune to help save him.  Yeah, that’s just how every marriage should start out.

Imogen George has a serious problem; OK, Imogen George has a few serious problems: she is losing her sight which will most certainly impede her ability to write, her blindness will (in her own head!) render her nothing more than a burden to her brother and, the man she is engaged to just found out he won’t be going to the poor house after all so there is no reason at all for her to continue the engagement.  Somehow, nothing is going according to plan.

Imogen and Peter have known one another for many, many years and though both is fond of the other, their engagement was certainly never based on a great love or passion.  Once Imogen learned that Peter would no longer need her fortune to help him, she set him free to pursue his own life and perhaps even find a great love and passion.  Ever the practical woman, Imogen truly believes she is doing what is best for Peter and won’t hear any arguments to the contrary.  Because of Imogen’s extreme stubbornness and with no other option available to him, Peter leaves his home and Imogen in order to set in order the new fortune and title bestowed to him by a distant relative.  For the next year, Peter and Imogen both attempt to lead their lives as best they can.  For Peter this means making some serious adjustments to his new lot in life and for Imogen, it means watching her career and future diminish as her eyesight becomes worse and worse.

One year later . . . .

Sir Peter Watson has returned home and is one very, very determined man.  Almost immediately upon his arrival, Peter begins making inquiries about Imogen and her current situation.  Though he is surprised to learn that she is completely blind, this fact in no way changes Peter’s mind regarding Imogen becoming his wife.  One year earlier, Peter played by Imogen’s rules and he ended up walking away from the one and only woman who has ever been able to hold his interest and ignite his passion.  Now all he has to do is convince one thoroughly stubborn woman that he is right and she is wrong.  🙂

The wooing of Miss Imogen George is completely entertaining and quite sweet.  Peter understands that Imogen is very scared about her condition and distraught that she has no way continue writing and so he sets about soothing her fears and showing her that there are ways for her to write even without her site.  With Peter’s attention and unwavering affection, Imogen slowly begins to “see” the error of her ways as well as the possibility of a future that involves not just marriage but a marriage based on mutual love and great passion. 

The Bottom Line: Boyd continues the Miss Mayhem Series with one exceptional character, Imogen George.  Though Imogen is ridiculously stubborn, she is also very practical, quite creative and not willing to compromise anything where her writing and expectations for marriage are concerned.   Imogen desperately wants to believe Peter and so she allows him to both help and woo her; watching as Imogen truly begins to believe and accept Peter is a true treat.  In all, this is a solid and fine new addition to the Miss Mayhem series and one I am feel confident recommending to lovers of Regency reads, HEAs, novellas, continuing series and, second chance stories.

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