Review: Revenge of the Homecoming Queen (Book #1: The Aspen Brooks Trilogy) by Stephanie Hale

Title: Revenge of the Homecoming Queen Series: Book #1: The Aspen Brooks Trilogy Author: Stephanie Hale Format: Kindle Edition, 276 pages Published: May 8, 2012  (first published July 3, 2007)  ASIN: B0081SO29S
Title: Revenge of the Homecoming Queen
Series: Book #1: The Aspen Brooks Trilogy
Author: Stephanie Hale
Format: Kindle Edition, 276 pages
Published: May 8, 2012 (first published July 3, 2007)
ASIN: B0081SO29S

Purple GoodreadsSynopsis:

All that matters is what’s inside…as long as there’s a tiara on the outside.

The flawless Aspen Brooks was born to be Homecoming Queen. Naturally she’s dating the most popular guy in school, and she’s blessed with stunning good looks, excellent style, and mega brains. She’s got the crown in the bag.

So why is the tiara being placed on the skanky head of cheerleader Angel Ives? The confusion only grows after ultra-dork Rand Bachrach is crowned king. To Aspen’s shock and horror, Angel actually accuses her of being behind this. Whatevs!

But then something goes terribly, terribly wrong. Strange things start happening–even stranger than Angel beating Aspen. Now someone’s leaving her threatening messages and slashing her tires. She’s sure it’s that beyotch Angel doing these things. And if Angel wants war, by Dooney & Bourke she’ll get one.

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

 My Review:

Is there anything worse than losing the run for Homecoming Queen?  YES!!  Losing the race to the biggest skank in school and then having to endure said skank spreading a rumor that you wear knockoffs.  Holy Hell!!  Can it get any worse?  Absolutely 🙂

For Aspen Brooks, the title and the crown for Homecoming Queen were supposed to be a lock: Aspen is beautiful, quite stylish (Dooney and Jimmy Choo, duh!), totally smart and, she knows how to run a campaign.  And so, in front of the entire student body and looking her very, very best something goes horribly wrong and Aspen watches as her nemesis Angel Ives and her minions take the crown and court!!  The only real consolation is the fact that the biggest nerd in the school, Rand Bachrach took the King crown.  Now how did that happen? 

As if this first epic fail weren’t enough, over the next few weeks, Aspen’s life becomes a series of dramas, one after the next and all designed to turn her world upside down.  First, the nemesis disappears (OK, not so bad!), her ridiculously stupid but totally popular boyfriend dumps her (kind of sucky!), she finds herself strangely attracted to the biggest nerd in school (turns out he cleans up reeeally well), her best friend begins acting quite strangely (more so than normal) and, she lands in the hospital.  Huh?  It sort of seems like someone just might be out to get Aspen Brooks.  In order to figure out why the universe is out to get her and convince the now super-hot Rand that she is more than just a flighty and self-absorbed airhead, Aspen must sharpen her sluething skills and change her behavior. 

To be fair, Aspen’s sleuthing skills are quite good and in no time flat, she begins to unravel the mystery of her misfortune.  With the help of Rand and some flat-out dogged determination, Aspen pulls all the evidence together and in one final and seriously dramatic showdown, she saves and/or improves the day, her nemesis (BLECH!), her mom, two morons and, her relationship with her bestie and Rand.  The final reveal of the big bad and the motivation behind all the drama isn’t all that surprising but it also really doesn’t matter because the ride from start to finish is just flat out entertaining.  Some of the things Aspen chooses to say are just mind boggling and laugh-out-loud funny!!  I don’t think she has ever heard of either an inner monologue or edit button J

The Bottom Line: Yeah, Aspen is a bit self-absorbed and the tiniest bit clueless from time to time but at heart she is a good and well-meaning person.  She is also a phenomenally well-dressed person 🙂  Though there were times when I just hung my head in shame for Aspen I also found myself, on more than a few occasions really rooting for her.  Aspen has some truly fine qualities (the moments with her mom are great!) and once you get beyond the shallow, Aspen is a character worth knowing.  In all, Revenge of the Homecoming Queen has a lot to offer including: light suspense, witty banter and generally good conversation, fairly well-developed characters, naughty bits that are kept to a respectable minimum and, a read that is smooth and entertaining.  I can’t honestly say this book is going to make my top reads of the year list but I can honestly say that I have already purchased the other two books in the trilogy!  Yes, I need more Aspen Brooks in my life!

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