Review and Sweepstakes: The Dark Light of Day by T.M. Frazier

Title: The Dark Light of Day Author: T.M. Frazier Format: Kindle Edition, 258 pages Published:  September 15, 2013 by Booktrope Publishing  ISBN: 1620151731 (ISBN13: 9781620151730)
Title: The Dark Light of Day
Author: T.M. Frazier
Format: Kindle Edition, 258 pages
Published: September 15, 2013 by Booktrope Publishing
ISBN: 1620151731 (ISBN13: 9781620151730)


Warning: This is not your typical romance. The story of Abby & Jake contains disturbing situations, graphic violence, sex, rape, strong language, drug use, and all types of abuse.

Abby has been through hell and has survived one of the most brutal childhoods imaginable…barely.  To the outside world she’s just a loner with an attitude.
When her grandmother dies in a tragic explosion, Abby is left with questions-and nothing else.  Homeless, sleeping in a junkyard, and on the run from a system that has failed her over and over again, she meets Jake, a tattooed blue-eyed biker with secrets that will rival her own.  Two broken souls that can’t be healed. They can’t be saved.

Abby & Jake must reveal to one another their most guarded secrets and discover if they can embrace the darkness those secrets hold-and the darkness within themselves.
If they can accept one another for who they really are, they might be able to learn that love isn’t always found in the light.

*stand alone novel, HEA in a twisted kind of way, no cliffhangers, no sequel*

Source: Publisher

My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

As I am settling in to write this review, I looked the book up on Amazon and noticed it is listed as #1 Best Seller in the Urban Fiction category.  Damn right it is!!  T.M. Frazier’s The Dark Light of Day was an incredible read that I quite literally could not put down until I finished it. 

Abby’s life has been horrifying – her flashbacks and memories of her time with her mother are stunningly awful and something not even a fictional character should experience.  Surviving into her teens would not have been possible if not for her Jake beloved grandmother, a woman with infinite patience and unconditional love for her very broken granddaughter.  Just when Abby thinks a future may be possible, her grandmother is killed in a nasty explosion and Abby is once again at the mercy of the State. Determined never to go back into foster care and only months away from her eighteenth birthday, Abby works to avoid the State foster care worker and find a way to support herself until she is legal.

Jake’s life has been only marginally better than Abby’s.  Blamed by his father for the death of his brother and mother, Jake took the verbal abuse until the night the words turned into actions and Jake was nearly killed by his father.  Determined to never again be in such a vulnerable position, Jake leaves his father’s house and embarks on a very dangerous yet incredibly lucrative career.  No, I won’t tell you what that career is J 

On a very, very rare trip home, Jake briefly encounters Abby in a very awkward first meeting and then meets her again at a party and is intrigued by her.  But, Abby is seemingly with another guy and Jake has no intention of remaining in his hometown any longer than he has too so getting involved is not really an option.  Decision made, Jake moves on until the moment when he can’t.  Finding Abby cornered by the State worker, Jake signs on as Abby’s guardian never, ever expecting to fall head over heels in love with her.  But, can two so terribly broken people with dark and terrifying secrets ever really make a life together?

Though tentative at first, Jake and Abby slowly begin to trust and open up to one another.  Make no mistake, the walls these two have built up rival what Hadrian built in England but when kindred spirits find one another, miracles occur.  Though their relationship is new and Abby is very nervous, Jake and Abby are committed to one another and feel confident they can survive Jake’s short absence.  Unfortunately, neither Jake nor Abby are prepared for what’s coming and what is coming will change absolutely everything and turn everyone’s world upside down and dramatically impact their respective futures.  And thus begins the second half of the read.

The second half of The Dark Light of Day is just as impressive and tumultuous as the first half.  After surviving the unthinkable again, Abby is alone, scared and once again fending for herself.  But, Abby has proven herself a survivor in the past and she will survive this latest and most considerable setback.  And survive, she does.  Finding help in the most unlikely and unimaginable of places, Abby not only survives but makes a good life for herself and discovers that despite all the nightmarish events in her life, she can live a normal and even happy life.  And then, there is the most unexpected conclusion to this fine read.  and like Jake’s job, I will not tell you about the ending J

The Bottom Line: Holy Cats!!!  T.M. Frazier’s The Dark Light of Day is hands down one of the most beautifully horrifying and finely-crafted books I have read this year.  Make no mistake, this is not an easy read and deals with some very, very disturbing themes and subjects.  This book starts out dark moves straight in to darker and, then plants itself firmly in darkest.  This book is like a tragic train wreck, you just can’t stop watching or, in this case, reading.  I read this book cover to cover in one sitting and could not believe the twists, turns, and surprises that Frazier clearly has no problem throwing at her characters and readers.  While I would not recommend this book to readers below the age of 18, I would certainly recommend it to all those 18 and above who aren’t afraid of a walk on the dark side.

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