Review and Sweepstakes: Memphis Nights by Ninette Swan

Title: Memphis Nights Author: Ninette Swann Published: September 17, 2013 by Resplendence Publishing  ISBN: 13B00FFLV4C2
Title: Memphis Nights
Author: Ninette Swann
Published: September 17, 2013 by Resplendence Publishing


Aster Dunn has an axe to grind against the entire world. Just twenty-one, the girl is one of Memphis’ top bounty hunters, spurred to action when her parents were brutally murdered by criminals on the run. She lives alone and hopes to die alone, quickly and heroically. The first time police officer Brian Cultry interrupts her catch, she chalks it up to bad luck. The second time, she’s not letting him go. She needs all the help she can get because keeping Dick Harbinger off the streets isn’t business. It’s personal.

When her two-faced friend, Laurette, breaks into her apartment with Dick and sets her on the run, she finds herself knocking on Brian’s door—or, more accurately, lying in his bed. Now she has to choose between protecting her friends or saving herself.

Police officer Brian Cultry had always put his job first, until he met Aster Dunn. After a night together, he can’t get the woman out of his mind, and agrees to help her bring in her next catch…from the other side of the law. Together they learn whom to trust and whom to burn.” 

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My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review:

As far as Aster Dunn is concerned, the entire world can kiss her ass!  Since the death of her parents at the hands of criminals, Aster has looked out for herself and made a fine living as one of Memphis’s most successful and aggressive bounty hunters.  Aster may be small but her reputation precedes her and when she is on the trail of a criminal there is nothing she won’t do to bring in the bad guy.  Going to almost any length is exactly what Aster is doing the night she meets Officer Brian Cultry.

Officer Cultry is very good at his job and when he suspects Aster may be in trouble, he does his duty and swoops in, as an officer of the law, to keep the small yet extremely attractive woman from becoming a victim.  To his complete and utter surprise, Aster not only doesn’t need his help but is extremely cranky about her bounty getting away.  A whole lot anger comes out of Aster and in no time flat, Brian is absolutely clear that his rescue attempt was not only unnecessary but seriously unwelcome.  The even bigger problem?  The man Brian unwittingly helped escape, one Dick Harbinger is one nasty criminal who has a real penchant for beating up his girlfriend. 

Pissed at Brian (who happens to be frustratingly hot!) and determined to bring in the criminal, Aster breaks one of her own rigid rules and becomes personally involved in the case when she finds Harbinger’s girlfriend Laurette in a very bad way.  As everyone knows, a good deed never goes unpunished and before she knows it, Aster is now the one on the run and in need of a little of some police help.  Little does she know that knocking on Officer Cultry’s door is going to set off a sequence of events that will not only serve justice but turn her lonely little world upside down.

The Bottom Line: At just over one hundred pages, Memphis Nights is a very quick and fast-paced read that sucked me into the action at page one.  Aster is a tough and gritty character that has been hardened by life and is seemingly unbreachable (I don’t think this is a word but you get it, right?) until Officer Cultry enters her life.  Aster’s rough edges are smoothed by the sexy officer who not only helps her get her man but also to find a little peace and happiness in her life.  I thoroughly enjoyed this read in large part because of Aster and her feisty attitude toward everything and everyone.  For me, Aster is true heroine with her spunky attitude, determination and, untapped softer, gentler side.  Cultry is smooth and sexy while still being caring, dedicated and strong.  All in all, this is a fine character-driven read for adults (naughty bits and language) that will appeal to lovers of quick-paced action with a dash of mystery and suspense thrown into the mix.  Oh, and they have some pretty steamy sex too 🙂

About the author and where to find her:

When not writing her next romance, Ninette Swann spends her days rock-climbing and taming wild horses. Or not. You decide. Or ask her about it at  She lives with her amazing husband and children in Florida…not to be confused with Miami, unfortunately.

Ninette Swann loves to talk to her readers and can be found at or @ninetteswann on Twitter.

Links to find/buy Memphis Nights:

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