Guest Post and Sweepstakes: Underground (Book #2: Secrets Series) by T.R. Graves


Hello all and welcome to another awesome week at RoloPoloBookBlog.  Today, I have a guest post and sweepstakes for you as a part of the AToMR Tours blog tour for book #2 in T.R. Graves’ Secrets Series.  There are a lot of awesome blogs participating in this tour and of you would like to check out the other stops just click here.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday 🙂

Title: Underground  Series: Book #2 Secrets Author T. R. Graves Release date: October 13, 2013  Age Group:  New Adult Genre: Contemporary Romance Tour organized by: AToMR Tours;
Title: Underground
Series: Book #2 Secrets
Author T. R. Graves
Release date: October 13, 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tour organized by: AToMR Tours;


Betrayal and loss have changed Emily Riddle in ways she never thought possible. With a death wish guiding her every move, she’s willing to compromise her morals, ethics, and instincts to bring to justice the men who’ve broken her heart… even if that means living a life underground, being someone she’s not, and pretending to respect the very men she’s positioning herself to take down.

As soon as she teams up with the district attorney, Tope Bryson, and agrees to be a member of his covert operation, she returns to the commune and convinces the patriarchal leaders she is the most qualified person to take on roles traditionally assigned to men. Desperate and without options, Owen, the commune’s leader and Emily’s father, agrees to a temporary change.

Emily takes full advantage of the opportunity and quickly proves to him, much to her brothers’ dismay, that he can’t live without having her in those critical roles and that she may be the best candidate for his next in command.

She and Tope quickly realize that the men of the commune consider a woman who threatens the good ol’ boy system that’s been in place for decades public enemy number one. Determined to protect Emily from her brothers, Tope plants an undercover officer and charismatic law student, Noah Babineaux, in the commune. Neither Tope nor Emily is prepared for the attention Noah pays her.

With a nothing-else-matters attitude, Emily focuses on her underground mission and pushes down her hate, anger, grief, and… blossoming feelings until they threaten to explode from the inside and tear her apart. It’s a race against the clock to get the evidence necessary—and ultimately, the retaliation Emily craves—before a life of submissive brutality, or sibling jealousy, kills her.

Guest Post: What inspired you to write this series?

As a registered nurse who works in the middle of the Texas Medical Center, I often encounter situations that seem so surreal that I can’t believe they’re happening within the boundaries of the world in which I live and work. Human trafficking is one such atrocity.

The Secrets series (Grave Bound & Underground) was created in order to give voice to these very real wrongs. While Grave Bound and Underground only briefly touch on the human trafficking epidemic, the series does a good job of creating a world where women are left without choices and are forced into sexual slavery at the whim of the men who dominate them.

Like every victim of sexual slavery, Emily’s life – the world around her – is unthinkable/unspeakable. It is filled with underworlds that would never be able to function outside the boundaries of the commune led by Emily’s father. Within the commune’s borders, the men control women by threatening to turn them into whores – whose only contribution is sexual favors – if they disobey the rules or men’s orders. Given the number of whores within the commune, the girls growing up know the threats are real and the eggshells they walk on in order to avoid that fate is nothing short of nerve-wracking.

Making the story great are the wonderful people on the outside (and the few on the inside) who are fighting as hard as Emily to put an end to the patriarchal rule and give the women of the commune the freedom they consider unattainable… the freedom they deserve.

About the author and where to find her:

author - T.R. GravesThe author of Warrior, Secret, and Still Standing series—currently available—and Moral Dilemma and Underwater series—to be released in 2013/2014.  She lives in Texas with her husband, their nineteen-year-old daughter, and nine-year-old son. Besides being blessed with a supportive family, she counts her career as an administrator and registered nurse in not-for-profit hospitals among her most fulfilling accomplishments.

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Links to find buy the Secrets Series:

Gravebound (Book #1): Amazon     Gravebound (Book #1): B & N

Underground (Book #1): Amazon     Underground (Book #2): B & N


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