Review and Sweepstakes: The Complete Philadelphia Series by Taryn Plendl

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Book Descriptions:

In My Arms- Book 1

He’s deliciously handsome and completely arrogant. Exactly the last thing Ava needs on her first night out following her bad breakup.

New to the Philadelphia area, Trevor is instantly taken with Ava’s beauty and witty attitude. After sharing an unexpected but amazing kiss, Trevor manages to stick his foot in his mouth and watches as Ava walks out of his life before he has a chance to explain.

When the two unexpectedly cross paths again, they struggle with the undeniable chemistry between them. Ava fights to keep it platonic, afraid to get hurt again, as Trevor sets out to change her mind.  With a little bit of humor, a lot of drama, sexual frustration, dancing and plenty of alcohol, Ava realizes that Trevor just might actually be perfect for her.

A Part of Me- Book 2

You don’t always need a chance at a new beginning. Sometimes you just need a chance at a different ending.

Tom and Talia aren’t strangers. They’ve been walking a tight rope of attraction since the day they met, but after an accident rocks Tom’s world to the core and changes it forever, he spirals into a free fall of emotions. No longer the laid-back, happy guy, he now worries that he will never be enough for Talia.  After all, who could possibly love such a broken man?

Talia is a tenacious ER nurse by day and a fun-loving loyal friend and party girl by night. Her developing feelings for Tom are put to the test after his accident as she fights to break through his walls and show him how much she cares, even as he continues to build them back up, determined to keep her out.

As Talia tries to take care of Tom, stronger feelings emerge for both, and neither of them will come out untouched. Everything they thought they knew about themselves and each other will be put to the test as they finally realize it isn’t important how many times you fall down, but only how many times you get back up.

Out of My Element- Book 3

“We are playing an entirely different game, Nick. While other girls might wait patiently until you breakup with your many girlfriends, I can’t. You see, I have been waiting all my life for something real. And if this isn’t real, no way am I spending another hour on waiting.”

Nick has never allowed himself to get attached to a woman. While his friends were settling down, he was having the time of his life, a womanizer with a heart of gold. Right up until Chelsea came into his life. He was drawn to Chelsea from the first time he saw her … well, actually it might have been the second time, but it didn’t take Nick long to realize he might be over his head and completely out of his element.

Chelsea wrote Nick off after their first encounter, but soon she realizes she has found a good friend in him. Falling for Nick was never Chelsea’s intention, but sometimes even the best intentions prove to be out of your control.

The closer Chelsea and Nick get, the more they push seem to make a mess of things. Can Nick figure out how to have a healthy relationship before he loses Chelsea forever?

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My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

Good golly, Miss Molly is Philadelphia a hot place to live and Taryn Plendl all kinds of proves this in her three separate but connected novellas that make up the Philadelphia Series box set.   In an effort to streamline this review and not giveaway too much, I’ll briefly discuss each novella and then add my overall impressions of the entire series in the bottom line section.  Here we go . . . .

In My Arms: the Philadelphia series opens in a bar with Ava, reeling from a recent (and ugly!) break-up and nursing a drink as she watches her best friend Talia tearin’ it up on the dance floor.  Just when Ava thinks her night can’t get any worse, she is approached by Trevor, a sexy and slightly arrogant man who shares a dance and one smoldering kiss (though no contact information!) with Ava before the night is over.  Having shared nothing more than the bare minimum of information, Ava is blown away Monday morning when she discovers that Trevor is not only a new employee at the ad agency she works for but he is to be her new partner!  Determined to be both successful and nothing more than friends, Ava and Trevor begin to work on a new campaign for a string of local night clubs.  In order to do research for their project, Trevor and Ava enlist their various friends to hang out at the clubs with them and before long it is simply too hard to deny the attraction.  After all kinds of steamy hot sex, one seriously well-deserved punch in the nose and more than a few misunderstandings, Trevor and Ava get their HEA and best of all, they bring their friends together.

A Part of Me: ah, Talia!  Hands down my favorite character in the entire series!  Talia is a feisty, strong-willed, slightly wild, nurse who revels in her sarcasm, thoroughly enjoys putting Trevor’s friend Nick firmly in his place and, dancing with Trevor’s other friend, Tom.  Talia works hard so any time she has a chance to hang out with Ava and the gang, Talia is ready to go.  For months now she has been dirty dancing with Tom and she is certainly interested in him but the feelings don’t seem to be reciprocated.  Tom is the quiet member of the group; he is a school teacher and soccer coach by day and a fancy dancer (but only with Talia!) by night.  Unfortunately, after one very serious (nearly fatal) accident, everything changes for Tom and Talia.  Talia is on duty the night Tom is brought in
and he is so badly injured she doesn’t even recognize him.  After surgery to repair the damage and remove part of his leg, Tom wakes to find Talia by his side.  In the following weeks, the two begin to get closer as Tom learns to adjust to his very new and very uncomfortable circumstances.  As with Trevor and Ava, there are some serious highs and some even more serious lows for Tom and Talia but in the end, they find one another as they are meant too.  The best is saved for the last with this read and all kinds of awesome happens right at the very end.  I may be a tease but I am no spoiler – you’re just gonna have to find out for yourself what the awesome involves.

Out of My Element:  Novella number three is the story of the man-whore Nick and the beautiful and athletic Chelsea.  Nick is a slut and though he is always completely clear and honest about his intentions, he often has a hard time remembering the women he has been with.  Nick may be the same age as his best friends, Trevor and Tom but he has yet to really grow up.  He is all about the fun: wham, bam, thank-you ma’am and then, he meets Chelsea and something wholly unexpected happens, he likes her and wants more than a quick tumble.  Chelsea is beautiful, intelligent, and athletic and, waiting for Mister Right.  A few weeks ago, she thought she had met Mr. Wright when she shared some steamy moments with Nick.  However, when she went to get her bag in order to leave with Nick, Chelsea comes back to find him sucking face with a big-boobed blonde.  Though Chelsea can’t forget the sight, Nick doesn’t remember it until one very uncomfortable dinner with the gang.  From that moment forward, Nick vows to change his ways and prove to Chelsea that he is more than a man-whore.  When Chelsea is forced out of her apartment thanks to a fire, she turns to Nick for a place to stay.  Woo whee do these two have some chemistry and like their predecessors, Nick and Chelsea finally work things out after some serious dumbassery on Nick’s Part.  Believe it or not, a leopard can change its spots.

The Bottom Line:  Each of the three novellas tells the individual story of two of the collections six major characters.  Each story is unique but tied together by the overlapping of the characters.  This overlapping is smooth and easy and welcome with no awkwardness at all.  In fact, it is nice to see all of the characters making appearances within one another’s individual stories because each character is fully-developed and a welcome addition to each story.  The characters run the gamut from down-to-earth, to funny, to sarcastic, to intelligent, to loyal to stoic. It is a credit to Plendl’s writing style that she is able to fully-develop so many characters in such a short amount of time and space.  Each novella is filled with excellent dialogue, character-appropriate naughty bits, a very smooth writing style and plots that are both individual and interesting.   If you are looking for an easy and entertaining read with some seriously good naughty bits then I highly recommend Taryn Plendl’s Philadelphia Series.

Favorite quotes:

Ava from In My Arms: “I was perfectly happy sitting at home in my I-hate-you-screw-you-I-hope-you-get-a-serious-diseases-and-die-or-get-hit-by-a-truck-wish-I-never-met-you-hope-she’s-worth-it kind of mood, but Talia wasn’t taking no for an answer. (Location: 22 of 1090)


Trevor to Tom from In My Arms: “Seriously, Tom, is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth?  Just wondering.” (Location: 41 of 1090)


Ava to Talia from In My Arms: “Why, that’s such a lovely shade of whore you have going on,” I whispered in her ear.  (Location: 208 of 1090)


Talia to Nick from A Part of Me: “Seriously Nick? There you go again, opening your mouth and letting the stupid come pouring out.” (Location: 441-1090)


Ava to Tom from A Part of Me: “Seriously, you have your whole life to be an asshole, are you trying to use it all up in one day?” (Location: 612 of 1090)


Talia to Nick from Out of My Element: “Wow, Nick.  I’ve met quite a few pricks in my lifetime, but you my friend, are the freaking cactus.” (Location: 767 of 1090)

About the author and where to find her:

 author - TarynI discovered my love for books at an early age, spending many hours lost in someone else’s story.  It wasn’t until well into adult hood that I discovered, late at night while the house was quiet, that I had just as many stories inside me just waiting to be let out. Writing has been a way for me to step away from reality and live a bit through my fun and sometimes damaged characters. You will almost always find a Happy Ever After at the end of my stories. I can’t help it, it’s an addiction.  I’m a Southwestern girl living a Mid-Atlantic life with my husband of seventeen years and two incredible daughters who inspire me daily. I am proud to be an advocate for my child with autism, and feel incredibly blessed to be able to see the world through her eyes. She teaches me more than I could ever teach her.  I enjoy reading, writing and spending time with my family, but cherish those quiet nights after everyone is asleep when I can curl up on the couch with my fifteen year old dog (Shh, don’t tell…He’s not supposed to be on the couch.)  Keep an eye out for more from me!

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