His Every Touch by Harriet Lovelace: Review

Format: Kindle Edition Published:  April 8, 2013  ASIN: B00CA8PYN8 Edition language: English Series: His Every Touch #1-4
Format: Kindle Edition
Published: April 8, 2013
Edition language: English
Series: His Every Touch #1-4

Source: Purchase

My Rating: 2/5 stars

My Review:

From time to time and when the mood strikes I do a general erotica search on Amazon.  Make no mistake, I don’t purchase the first thing I find but search for reads that have received decent to very good ratings from multiple readers.  If I am going to read erotica, I want a good story to accompany the naughty bits and have found this many times over.  Unfortunately, His Every Touch fell sorely short of this mark despite having received solid ratings.

I freely admit there are no major issues where writing style, grammar, the type of sex described etc. are concerned; it is with the characters and plot that I take issue.  Courtney Bell is a young woman who has, unbeknownst to herself, held the attention of her boss Vance Forster for many, many years.  In fact, Courtney and Vance went to high school together and while Courtney never knew of Vance’s existence, he well knew of hers.  In fact, as an adult Vance still carries anger and resentment toward Courtney for never acknowledging his presence while in high school.  Mind you, Vance never, ever bothered to try and approach Courtney or make himself known to her.

In the interceding years, Vance has schooled himself in the art of BDSM with the intention of not only satisfying himself and his own desires but also to satisfy a more devious and insidious plan.  Vance has spent his adult life planning to ensnare Courtney and make her sub to his dom and when she is broken and totally and completely his, will then reveal to her just how humiliating her submissiveness really is in his eyes.  Vance’s ultimate goal is to humiliate the woman who ignored him in high school.  I remind you, dear reader, Vance never, ever attempted to make himself known to Courtney.

As planned, Courtney falls at Vance’s feet and submits to every naughty lesson he has for her.  Though, admittedly Vance offers Courtney a way out in the beginning and adheres to BDSM rules regarding safe words, he inflicts nearly every humiliation he can think of on her unsuspecting body and mind.  Though Courtney often enjoys her encounters with Vance she is conflicted by the things he does to her and struggles with her mixed feelings toward their “relationship”.  All comes crashing down when Courtney spills her entire story to her best friend Maggie, a best friend since well before high school and one who immediately recognizes Vance Forster’s name.  Suddenly, Courtney is forced to examine every moment she has spent with Vance, his motivations, and why he would not reveal to her just how long he has known her.  As Courtney is dealing with her own issues, Vance has come to the startling realization that he loves Courtney and wants to keep her by his side.  Thus ensues the HEA.  Are you effing kidding me?

The Bottom Line: As previously mentioned, I have no problem with the writing style, BDSM themed sex, etc.  I do however have a problem with a woman who would willingly fall back into the arms of a man who has willfully and with ill-intent sought to humiliate her for a crime she never committed.  In fact, Vance admits to wanting to punish and humiliate Courtney so she will understand how he felt all those years ago in high school as a result of her perceived slight.  A feeling he suffered because of his own weakness and cowardice, I might add.  When the weasel comes to Courtney, apologizes, tells her he loves her and offers to be her sub, she not only forgives him but moves in with him.  WTH??  I simply cannot understand how a woman could have so little self-respect as to ignore the fact that this man has watched her for years and spent his time planning to humiliate her because of his own weakness.  While I fully appreciate this is Courtney’s choice and one that will make her happy it is also a choice that makes her appear weak, needy, of seriously low self-esteem, and incapable of breaking her ties to a man that is ultimately a sick stalker.  For this reason alone, I cannot in good conscious recommend this novella series to any reader of any age.

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