Olive Branch Mystery Week: Kill Me Over the Garden Gate by Gale Borger: Review

Format: ebook Published: May 30, 2011 by Echelon Press  ISBN:  0012912093 (ISBN13: 2940012912091) Series: Olive Branch Mysteries #3
Format: ebook
Published: May 30, 2011 by Echelon Press
ISBN: 0012912093 (ISBN13: 2940012912091)
Series: Olive Branch Mysteries #3


Synopsis from Goodreads: Closing in on a suspect is easier said than done for the Olive Branch garden crew. While Pone and Shroom use up their last “get out of jail free” card, Spaz has Bean stashed under the bed at the Hunnicut mansion.
Val’s mom, Silvia Hunnicut arrives home unexpectedly. What does this hold in store for Frankie’s weekend plans? Cash plays the inside guy, Pone and Shroom grab their monkey suits and go under cover at a formal dinner, and Bean is about to flip his purple wig. He and Spaz are both up to their high heels in trouble!
The cops finally have their warrant, but will it be a corpse they find when they pass through the garden gate.
While the Olive Branch crew sees how the other half lives, a shot in the dark means life or death to one of them. Will this be the end of the Olive Branch Garden crew? Or will the bond of friendship hold them together?

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

**contains spoilers for previous episodes**

At the end of episode two, Spaz and a whole host of other underage girls are trapped in Hunnicut’s mansion and all of the boys except Bean were arrested for breaking into Hunnicut’s property.  Since there was another dead girl on the property it isn’t surprising that Hunnicut doesn’t wish to press charges and further invite a police investigation into his world.  But, what happened to Bean?

Episode three finds Bean in quite the quandary.  Bean was able to find a better hiding place than the other boys and avoided being arrested but now he, like Spaz is trapped on the property.  When he finally comes out of hiding in the shed Bean tends to the un-potted plants and flowers before deciding it is now up to him and him alone to rescue Spaz.  A whole lot of luck comes into play as Bean sneaks into the mansion and makes contact with Spaz.  Realizing it is going to be basically impossible to hide a teenage boy among a group of teenage girls, Spaz finds an ingenious way to “hide” Bean in plain sight.  I’m pretty sure Bean would have much preferred to be arrested 🙂

The situation is getting desperate for several reasons: 1) the perv party is about to begin – that is, all of the underage girls are meant to parade around and “entertain” Hunnicut and his old-fart friends; 2) Mrs. Hunnicut, a vile and mean drunk has returned home early from her trip and; 3) Pone and Shroom have disguised themselves as waiters in order to get into the perv party and check on Spaz.  Much to their great surprise they find they are also checking up on Bean 🙂  The perv party is one of Shroom’s finest moments and I have to say I was so proud of him, his words and his behavior.  Shroom really can be a team player 🙂

Cash is also present and accounted for as the plus one to the Hunnicut’s daughter, Val.  Cash and Val have been friends for quite some time and with the presence of her wretched mother, Val really needs a friend to lean on.  This little sub-plot gives us some insight into Cash’s character and the fact that Val has no idea what goes on in her own home – the words completely oblivious come to mind.  By the time the party ends, the boys, minus Cash has decided to meet in the small cottage on the property and convince Spaz it is beyond time to get the hell out of Hunnicut’s house.  As you might expect by now, things go from bad to worse in short order: the cops have arrived to arrest Hunnicut for murder when they discover the boys in the cottage; Hunnicut catches the boys and Spaz together in the cottage and begins slapping the kids around; the cops burst in to protect everyone and arrest Hunnicut and; Bean gets shot . . . . .

To be continued in episode four, You Say Tomahto and I Say You’re Dead . . .

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