Oxford Whispers (The Oxford Trilogy #1) by Marion Croslydon: The Art that Inspired the Trilogy and Giveaway

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Welcome to my stop on the AToMR Tours-sponsored Oxford Whispers tour.  In my day-to-day life I am an Art History professor so I am beyond stoked to be able to show you all the art that inspired Marion Croslydon’s Oxford Trilogy.  If you would like to check out the rest of the stops on this tour (and we absolutely hope you will) you can do so by clicking here.

Title: Oxford Whispers (The Oxford Trilogy, #1)Author: Marion CroslydonRelease date: October 8, 2012Genre: Paranormal Age Group: New Adult
Title: Oxford Whispers (The Oxford Trilogy, #1)
Author: Marion Croslydon
Release date: October 8, 2012
Genre: Paranormal
Age Group: New Adult

Madison LeBon is dead set against the dead. She has vowed to ignore her Voodoo-stamped heritage and the psychic gift passed down through her Louisiana family. The world of the living is where she wants to belong.
But her resolution shatters when the tragic lovers in a painting—the subject of her first history class at Oxford—begin to haunt her. The lovers warn her against their own nemesis, a Puritan from the English Civil War.

College becomes more complicated when Madison falls hard for Rupert Vance, a troubled aristocrat and descendant of one of the characters in the painting. With the spirit of a murderer after her, she realizes that her own first love may also be doomed…
{Upper-YA/New Adult – Recommended 17+}

Title: The Wounded CavalierArtist: William Shakespeare BurtonMedium: Oil on canvasSize: 36" x 41"Location: Guildhall Art Gallery, LondonImage Source: Wikimedia Open Source
Title: The Wounded Cavalier
Artist: William Shakespeare Burton
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 36″ x 41″
Location: Guildhall Art Gallery, London
Image Source: Wikimedia Open Source

The Art: For the first book, I’ve drawn inspiration  from a Pre-Raphaelite painting by William Shakespeare Burton, titled The Wounded Cavalier. It’s set during the English Civil War. I used to spend hours as a teenager staring at it on my bedroom’s wall. No Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt for me!

I can’t explain how the idea of threading the stories of the Cavalier, the Maiden and the Puritan with that of Madison and Rupert has come to me. I guess we’d call that creativity! But the Cavalier’s story is the first story I told to myself as a teenager. I kept wondering what happened to those three characters, what were their backgrounds, secret love and heartbreaks. I could feel it wasn’t a happy ending though. So through Oxford Whispers, I’ve managed to give them some kind of second chance and redemption.

The second book in the trilogy is titled Oxford Shadows. Again, I’ve used an artwork as a starting point for the plot. This time it’s music, a melody titled Greensleeves. It’s very famous here in England. One of the reasons is that Henry the Eighth is rumored to be the composer. He would have written that piece of music during his courtship of Anne Boleyn… But I put my own spin on it.

 No idea for the next and final installment though… Totally open to suggestions!

Marion Croslydon - author photo

About the Author: In addition to being an author, I work as an entrepreneur, wife and mother-of-one but spend a good deal of time with books, DVDs and listening to my mp3 player; all for the sake of inspiration, of course.  My debut series, The Oxford Trilogy, has been a blast to write because I can indulge in my favorite types of music: Country and English rock.  My main goal as a writer is to make readers dream bigger and cause their hearts to beat a little faster.  Since my writing is all about sharing dreams and stories, I love connecting with fellow readers and authors.

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