RoloPoloBookBlog: It’s Aliiiiiiive

Hello Blog ‘o Sphere!

I can’t believe this day has finally arrived: December 30, 2012! While most of you are totally stoked for it almost being New Year’s Eve and such I am stoked for the launch of my blog, RoloPoloBookBlog.  Although I am totally new to the whole owner/operator of  a blog thing, I have been in the game for the last two years as a reviewer and worker monkey for my long-time friend (since 1st grade), Julie at A Tale of Many Reviews and A Tale of Many Book Reviews.  Yes, that is a shameless name drop with hyperlinks and I will totally do it again 🙂

By way of introduction, I thought it might be nice if I showed you around the space and place where this little gem of a blog was created.  In my non-blogging life I am an art history professor who, after seven years on-site went totally online.  Once you figure out exactly how technologically inept I really am, the previous sentence will be all kinds of funny.  I digress.  Since I teach online, I work from home (yes, I teach in my pajamas nearly every day!) and have managed to turn the front room of my home into a lovely little nest where all my brilliance spills out into the universe.  Maybe not brilliance per se but I am awfully efficient and get alot of work done despite being surrounded by all kinds of awesomeness.  Take a look for yourself ;


    I am just old-school enough that I still use a large paper calendar; all the post-its are reminders about upcoming bloggy-type stuff 🙂

My students know me as “The Queen” and the pink sign above the bulletin board reads “I didn’t ask to be Queen but hey . . . if the crown fits!”


Of course there are bookshelves!!  Although most of my for pleasure reading is done with my iPad (whose name is Sheldon after the Big Bang Theory character) I still need the bookshelves for all my art history books and collectibles.  I am a fiendish collector of all things Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Yoda, and Einstein.

DSCN1383 The super-awesome fish tank is the latest addition to my office.  It is a 29-gallon monster filled with all manner of fish that entertain myself and my two cats.  See the little step-ladder in front of the tank?  That’s for one of the cats; no kidding!

Notice how I conveniently located the fish tank directly under the five degrees earned by myself and my husband 🙂  Tricksy!!


I always have company while I am working.  This is my twelve-ish year old black Lab, Duke.  He is spoiled rotten and spends his days looking out our two large front windows from the comfort of his overly large pillow.  Notice the window sills are conveniently located at chin level; the rat bastard doesn’t even have to get up to bark and growl at the mailman!


 This wretched little beast is Cooter Brown.  Yes, I know her name sounds naughty, get over it!  She is roughly thirteen and once thought to be the dumbest cat on Earth.


This is Booger Ray, the dumbest cat on Earth.  Thank goodness this one is sweet and pretty!  Booger is actually my daughter’s cat but can often be found hanging with me in the office during the day.  I think this is primarily because of the presence of the fish tank; remember the step-ladder from above?


Last, but in no way least are the two people who have helped make all of this possible.  This is my husband Ray and our daughter, Piper Ray.  Ray was the first person to ask me why I don’t have my own blog and Piper has been there to help me clean the office and interrupt me while writing nearly every book review I have written.  🙂  These two make me smile every single day and I am grateful to them for supporting me on the home front.   I am also grateful for you, dear reader, for taking the time to read this post and hopefully, for following my fledgling blog.


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