Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon: Review

Format: Paperback, 391 pagesPublished: October 27th 2009 by Ballantine Books (first published October 7th 2009) ISBN:  0345506359 (ISBN13: 9780345506351)Edition language: EnglishOriginal title: Soul Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters, Book 2)Series: Wing Slayer Hunters #2
Format: Paperback, 391 pages
Published: October 27th 2009 by Ballantine Books (first published October 7th 2009)
ISBN: 0345506359 (ISBN13: 9780345506351)
Edition language: English
Original title: Soul Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters, Book 2)
Series: Wing Slayer Hunters #2

Synopsis from Goodreads: KISS OR KILL
When an ancient pact is broken, powerful witches who once used their magic to help humanity become the twisted playthings of demons, and the mortal men who once protected the sorceresses become witch hunters, cursed with the longing to spill the witches’ blood: an irresistible craving that will cost witches their lives and witch hunters their souls.
The Wing Slayer Hunters fight this curse, guarding innocent witches until the urge to harm them grows too strong–then they must kill their own. Wing Slayer Sutton West has always honored that vow. His own father killed himself rather than go rogue. But now Sutton is tempted as never before by Carla Fisk, a brilliant psychologist and dynamic witch whose twin sister, Keri, was murdered by rogues.
Bound by blood and passion, Carla and Sutton dare not succumb to their deadly attraction. Yet when a mysterious rogue named Styx joins forces with the demon Asmodeus, witch and hunter have no choice but to work together. For Keri’s immortal soul is at stake–and with it, balanced on a knife-edge, is the fate of humanity itself.

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review: Round two in Jennifer Lyon’s Wing Slayer Hunter series is the story of Dr. Carla Fisk, a psychologist and earth witch whose sole purpose in life is to help victims of brainwashing and cult activity.  As both a shrink and a practicing earth witch, Carla is uniquely qualified to help her patients deal with their trauma while simultaneously easing their pain.  Carla’s compassion and desire to help others was born out of her inability to help her twin sister Keri, a powerful earth witch who was killed by rogue Hunters.  Since Keri’s death, Carla has remained true to her life’s purpose but has, in all other areas of her life, closed herself off.

By all accounts Sutton West is a tried and true bad ass techno geek who fights valiantly alongside the Wing Slayer Hunters.  Sutton is so absolutely committed to his vow to Wing Slayer that he would, like his father before him, rather kill himself than go rogue.  Unfortunately for Sutton his day of reckoning is closer than he would like to admit; the urge to kill an earth witch and bathe in her blood is becoming harder and harder to resist.  Just to make things interesting, Sutton is thrown into the middle of a mess that involves Carla Fisk and her dead twin sister.

Now, both Carla and Sutton have a few problems: Carla’s dead twin is trapped in the world between life and death and calling out to Carla to help her; Sutton is beyond sure that Carla is his soul mirror but can’t convince Carla of this; a new powerful rogue by the name of Styx is inhibiting Carla’s ability to reach her sister and killing Carla in the process; and Sutton is coming dangerously close to violating his vows and going rogue himself.  It’s time to get serious about fixing these problems.  As with the first book in this series, once the plot really takes hold and is established, things begin to move quickly.  With the help of the rest of the Wing Slayers and a small circle of brave earth witches, Carla and Sutton are able to track down Styx, kick his ass, and save Keri in the process.  Of course, there’s also a little naughtiness thrown in for good measure 🙂

The Bottom Line: What I like about this series is the fact that Lyon isn’t willing to sacrifice the long term plot for the sake of the immediate story and vice versa.  Sutton and Carla’s story is played out to completion while still advancing the long-term plot line at the same time.  We find out, as we expected too, that Styx is simply another piece or pawn in a much larger, more far-reaching, and sinister game than we ever could have imagined.  While Carla, Sutton, the Wing Slayer Hunters, and the witches do their part to eliminate the immediate threat, they are all well aware that the fight has only truly just begun.


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