Night Magic by Jennifer Lyon: Review

Night Magic

Ailish Donovan is a witch ready to do battle. Raised unaware of her powers, she is just sixteen when her mother tricks her into binding with the demon Asmodeus. Pure-hearted Ailish escapes with the connection incomplete but pays a heavy price: For the next eight years, she is shunned by her earth sisters and tormented by Asmodeus’s lust. After hardening her body and mind as a champion kickboxer, Ailish returns home to break the bond—or die.
The Wing Slayer Hunter Phoenix Torq is sworn to protect earth witches, but he is shaken by Ailish’s fierce independence—and his own forbidden cravings. Dark, impulsive, and haunted by his troubled past, Phoenix likewise arouses Ailish in ways she finds disturbing—and irresistible. Torn between mistrust and desire, each must go to hell and back to seek the magic that could set them both free.

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review: Night Magic is the third installment of Jennifer Lyon’s Wing Slayer Hunter series.  In this amped-up novel we meet Ailish Donovan, a blind earth witch who was bound, as a teenager, to a demon by her power hungry, rogue witch mother.  For the past eight years Ailish has the victim of a nasty Catch-22: she has been desperately searching for a way to break the binding but no earth witch will help her because of the binding.  Consequently, Ailish has learned little about her own magic in the interceding years that can help save her life now.  One thing she did learn: she has a powerful voice that has the ability to enhance any and all magic living around her.  Unbeknownst to Ailish, her voice also has the power to call her soul mirror.

For months now Wing Slayer Hunter Phoenix Torq has been hearing a voice in his head and it likes to sing.  The voice is at once compelling and disturbing, even for a Hunter the voice is an unusual ability in a male not bonded to his soul mirror.  One night the voice in Phoenix’s head becomes far too strong to resist and he runs to Ailish only to find her trying, yet again, to perform a spell that will release her from the demon binding.  What Phoenix stumbles into blows his mind and shatters his perceptions about what an earth witch really is.  Did I forget to mention that even though she is blind, Ailish is also a world-class kick boxer?  Sorry about that.  Ailish is a world-class kick boxer and upon meeting Phoenix she kicks his ever-loving ass.

While both Ailish and Phoenix are accustomed to sacrifice, neither is prepared for what’s in store for them.  The two fall for one another almost instantly and their attraction to one another borders on primal.  Neither is afraid to give into their primal urges but both realize that they have very little time to satisfy these urges before the demon binding claims Ailish’s life.  Their task of finding a solution to the problem is made all the harder by the fact that the other witches (Carla and Darcy) and the remaining Wing Slayer Hunters find it hard to trust a witch who is bound to a demon.  As we discover, both Ailish and Phoenix are willing to sacrifice everything in order to save the other.

The Bottom Line: As always, Lyon’s satisfies the reader with a strong plot line that ties in nicely with the long term plot line.  Ailish is by far the strongest of the female characters: her strength (both physical and mental), her confidence, and her ability to love despite all she has been through leaves the reader cheering for her!  Phoenix is one of my favorite Hunters which he earned through his actions.  Phoenix doesn’t just love Ailish, he loves everything about her and even though she shakes his foundations, he rebounds nicely and becomes a true partner or soul mirror to his witch.

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