Bane by Trish Milburn: Review


Synopsis from Goodreads: To protect those she loves from herself, Jax will leave them all behind. She’ll risk everything in a desperate search for answers.
Jax Pherson fled the darkest of covens and from her own father’s evil. For a brief moment, her courage was rewarded. She found everything she’d ever wanted. A normal life. An amazing boyfriend. An envy-worthy best friend .
But her past put them all in danger, forcing a confrontation with the dark covens. In a life-and-death battle to save those she loved from the covens, Jax gained staggering power. Power so intense, so dangerous, she fears the darkness that now dwells inside her like a living thing.
If she can’t control the power, she may yet become as evil as the witches she conquered.
With her friend Egan, Jax leaves all she’s built and heads for the one place that might hold the answers she desperately needs to hold back the darkness-Salem, Massachusetts. Her research unearths a shocking discovery: the Bane, a secret group of witches dedicated to thwarting the covens.
Jax desperately needs their help in her fight against the covens, but finding the Bane is easier said than done and takes all her skills and courage. As Jax gets closer, her dark powers begin to rise and control her actions. If she succumbs to the darkness, Jax may have as much to fear from the Bane as the evil covens and the determined hunter on her trail.

Source: Netgalley

My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review: Holy crap, Batman!  Bane is the second book in Trish Milburn’s Coven series and just like book one, my socks have been rocked!  Bane picks up precisely where White Witch ended with Jax and Egan having arrived in Salem after skipping out on Keller and Toni in Baker Gap, North Carolina.  Yes, it’s as craptastic as it sounds L

Jax and Egan have landed in Salem with a highly specific and rather terrifying agenda: find out what got into Jax at Shiprock, research the possibility of white witches actually existing and, find the key to taking down the covens.  Mind you, the dynamic duo has to accomplish all of this without using any of their own powers and being completely separated from the two people they love most.

Jax and Egan seem to think they are completely under the radar that is, until they discover how odd a town Salem actually is.  Jax keeps shaking off the feeling she and Egan are being watched because she can’t actually sense the presence of any witches.  That is until she encounters Rule Latimer and his grandmother, Fiona Day.  After a rather rocky introduction everyone begins to understand they are all on the same side and have frighteningly similar goals.  Once Jax and Egan join forces with Fiona and Rule the real research and work gets started.


Here’s the short list of precisely what rocked my socks:

 *the relationship between Jax and Fiona: Fiona is such a strong, wise and no-nonsense woman with a lot of experience and knowledge where witches and witch history is concerned.  Fiona is good for Jax and helps her understand her powers and her place within the context of the coming fight

*Keller and Toni’s return: You know they had to show up; stop snorting like I just unloaded a spoiler on you!  The reappearance of these two is absolutely necessary to the development of the plot and Jax and Egan’s sanity but their reappearance also creates a whole host of new problems.

*The backstory: I am a big, big, big fan of backstories and histories and this book is full of both.  The research the group is doing is how Milburn weaves the backstory and histories of Salem, the original families, the covens, and the Bane (the who?) into the contemporary plot.  The information is not only really interesting but it also infuses each of the characters and the plot with a greater sense of depth and dimension.

*The fan-crappin’-tastic cliffhanger!!  Even with all the backstory and history Milburn still finds time to squeeze in plenty of heart-pounding action.  Believe me when I tell you she has cooked up one hell of an ending that will leave you wondering where the hell that came from.  So. Totally. Worth. It.

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