Archangel’s Consort by Nalini Singh: Review

Archangel's Consort

Synopsis from Amazon: An ancient and malevolent female immortal is rising in Manhattan to reclaim her son, the archangel Raphael. Only one thing stands in her way: Elena Deveraux, a vampire-hunter-and Raphael’s lover.

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My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review: Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series is one that I truly wish I had not discovered until the entire thing was complete and there was no hope of more new books being added, ever!  I WANT MORE, NOW!!!  Archangel’s Consort is the third installment of this on-going series and after finishing it in record time, I have discovered that my natural lack of patience has become even more pronounced.  The major plot line in Archangel’s Consort is Singh’s version of Mommy Dearest.  Reports of foul weather and acts of extreme aggression among members of the Cadre lead Raphael and Elena to believe that an ancient is waking.  Turns out, that ancient is Raphael’s ridiculously old and viciously cruel mother, Caliane.  Major plot line number two: Raphael and Elena have returned to New York from the Refuge and are immediately bombarded with reports of vampires breaking their contracts and committing heinous crimes.  As archangel of New York, Raphael must contain and control this situation before it gets out of hand.  With the help of his consort and the usual cast of minor characters, Raphael begins to restore order to his territory.

Generally speaking a reader keeps returning to a series because of the main characters.  That is not the case with this book or this series.  Raphael and Elena are certainly intriguing figures and Singh has continued to develop those characters but the real beauty of the book lies in the cast of minor characters.  There is not a single minor and/or supporting character in Archangel’s Consort that I do not want to know more about, NOW!!  Singh cleverly ensnares us (and ensures we will come back for more) by dumping chunks of information about these characters on us.  Not tidbits, not small nuggets of information but huge honking chunks of information!  However, and this is where Singh’s evil genius comes into play, she never tells us the whole story about any of the supporting cast.  Now my lack of patience makes more sense, right?  Here’s what I want to know: why is Illium (aka Bluebell) so nervous about the presence of his mother; will Elena’s half-sister really be allowed to develop her burgeoning hunter skills; what happened to Dmitri to make him so fiercely loyal to Raphael; why doesn’t Aodhan liked to be touched and why is his move to New York such a big deal; and finally, why is Venom so creepy yet disturbingly likeable?

The way Singh presents information to the reader is remarkably clever and opens up so many possibilities for future novels.  Archangel’s Consort clearly establishes one thing: Singh is in no way close to being done with these characters.
She has developed so many characters and potential plot lines that the Guild Hunter series could realistically continue for years and years to come.  Thank goodness for that because I am apparently going to continue to be sweetly addicted to this series and this author.

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