A Fall of Water by Elizabeth Hunter: Review

A Fall of Water



Synopsis from Goodreads: No secret stays hidden forever.”
Still grieving from their loss in the far East, Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo discover that for them, all roads really do lead to Rome. But nothing is quite as it seems in the Eternal City. Joined by Carwyn and Tenzin, unexpected clashes greet them almost immediately, and rivalries churn beneath the glittering facade of the old Roman court. They quickly realize that allies might be enemies, and ancient rivals could hold the key to a deadly secret.
Giovanni and Beatrice will be forced to call on old alliances, ancient power, and fierce cunning to survive for the eternity they both desire. Sometimes, finding the end means going back to the beginning. Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water finally meet with devastating results in the conclusion of the Elemental Mysteries.

Source: Author for a fair and honest review

My Rating: 5/ 5 stars

My Review: I have come to realize that no matter what, Elizabeth Hunter is not going to disappoint me! A Fall of Water, the fourth and final novel in the Elemental Mysteries series, is no exception to this rule. In this insanely good and completely satisfying novel, all of the questions are finally answered.

Once again, Hunter opens the novel by swiftly moving through a large chunk of time in a very expedient manner. B and Gio must spend the year separated from most of their family and friends, as B learns to control her new vampire abilities and appetites. Eating one of her friends or her grandmother just wouldn’t do! During this time both B and Gio continue their studies into the elusive (and now stolen) text that is thought to contain the formula for an elixir that will allow vampires to live without consuming blood. Sound too good to be true?

As B and Gio soon discover the truth of the text and the elixir is absolutely way too good to be true. The couple moves their
entire household to Rome where they begin to unravel the mystery of the elixir, and why the truth of its very existence and side effects has been buried. At this point, Hunter begins to introduce a whole new host of characters. While it may seem awkward to introduce new characters at this stage in the game, these characters are so beautifully woven into the existing plot that they feel like they have been a part of the series from the beginning. Side note: I have already emailed Hunter with my request for an entire series on these new characters ☺ You are certainly welcome to thank me at any time.

As the plot reaches its climax, the proverbial crap hits the fan. B, Gio, Tenzin, Carwyn (who I think has a lady friend), and
a whole host of others open a can of whoop-ass on Rome in an effort to contain the mess created by the release of the blood lust formula. Hunter has come up with some incredible fight scenes in the past, but this one is four kinds of EPIC!! Tenzin is in fine and vengeful form, B is phenomenally strong, Gio is ruthless, and Carwyn is just flat-out impressive. I can promise you, at the end of the fight, you won’t see this one coming.

The bottom line: this novel kicks ass and is one of the most satisfying ends to a series that I have encountered in a very, very
long time. B and Gio’s story is over, and it is an ending that is so very appropriate and gratifying. With this being said, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that I don’t think Carwyn’s story is over. For the record, I am desperately hoping that this holds true for Tenzin and Ben, as well. Once you read the end, you’ll see what I mean ☺

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