Review, Excerpt, and Sweepstakes: With Good Behavior (Conduct #1) by Jennifer Lane



In the midst of organized crime and dim hopes of redemption, can love persevere? For Sophie Taylor, a psychologist who lost everything when she violated an ethical boundary, and Grant Madsen, a naval officer who sacrificed himself to protect his uncle, finding that love seems unlikely.

As they start their lives over in Chicago, both fight family influences and run as fast as they can to escape the past. When their paths cross outside their parole officer’s door, attraction sparks. Too bad a hidden connection may not only shatter their fledgling love, but prove deadly to them both.

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Source: Author     My Rating: 4½/5 stars

When Sophie Taylor sat down and wrote her life to-do list, nowhere on that list were the words, “Fall in love with a criminal, be duped by said criminal, go to prison when said criminal flees.”  No, those things most assuredly were not on her list.  Unfortunately, fate has a wicked sense of humor which is how Sophie Taylor, once a promising and gifted psychologist, has found herself sitting outside her new parole officer’s office. 

Grant Madsen’s life was meant to be spent in the service of his country.  The Navy was a means by which Grant could honor his beloved uncle and get the hell away from the other members of his mobbed-up family.  With every fiber of his being, Grant wanted a productive and happy life, but his family, except for his uncle, are slimy and vengeful and not above blackmail which is how Grant has now found himself sitting outside his new parole officer’s office. 

Reason and logic both dictate that two parolees should not ever enter into any sort of relationship.  Like fate, the heart has a wicked sense of humor and both Sophie and Grant’s hearts are telling them to be together.  Justifiably, both are scared, embarrassed by their past, and beyond tentative, but their connection is real and their friendship blossoms quickly.  The adjustment to life after prison and future’s that were once so certain now murky and unsure are made easier by the presence of the other.  Grant’s strength and care bolster Sophie and Sophie’s confidence and care reinforces Grant’s burgeoning belief in himself.  As long as they stick together, the future can be managed and even be happy. 

Remember fate?  That fickle bitch I mentioned above?  As if prison and being on parole weren’t bad enough, both Grant and Sophie’s pasts keep cropping up to try and hurt them yet again.  Grant’s family isn’t done with him and want him back in the criminal fold and Sophie’s father and his feelings toward her are a constant reminder of her failure.  What neither Grant nor Sophie suspect, even for a moment, is that their respective pasts actually include some of the same treacherous people, people who are still more than willing to destroy lives in order to get what they want.  Grant and Sophie aren’t just risking their hearts, but their freedom and their lives.  Parole has never been so damn hard!

The Bottom Line:  I didn’t read my original review of this book until after I finished this new, updated edition.  I wanted to give this version a fair shake and then compare notes when I finished.  Here’s what I discovered:  I still really love this book and one of the big issues I had with the first edition has been resolved in this new edition.  Grant has become an emotionally stronger man and a lot of the angst he had in the first edition is gone from this one.  Don’t get me wrong, Grant still has his weepy and worry-filled moments, but they are fewer and further between now which makes him an overall stronger character.  Sophie is plucky as ever and I love how she “manages” Grant without being bossy or overbearing.  She genuinely cares for Grant and wants to see him succeed in his new life.  Together, Sophie and Grant become this most unlikely couple who are just worth rooting for.  Prior to this book, they have been put through the wringer and Lane doesn’t let up on them in this first in the trilogy offering.  There is the emotional roller coaster of life after prison, the mixed emotions always associated with a new relationship, and the fears and worries of their respective pasts coming back to hurt them yet again.  Once you get rolling in this read, you aren’t going to want to put it down!


Sophie let out a long breath, feeling the stress of her first parole meeting dissolve. That relief was short-lived, however, once she opened the door and found herself eye to eye with a man whose black, buzzed hair and olive skin highlighted eyes that held crystal-blue, bottomless depths. The next parolee on the docket? His nose was slightly crooked and his lips were full. His penetrating gaze bore a hole in her. She stood frozen, staring for several moments before regaining her bearings and muttering, “Excuse me.”

She ducked out of the door and strode down the hallway, daring to glance behind her to see the man watching her leave. A faint smile crossed his lips, and her cheeks burned.

As she scurried off, the stranger’s intriguing eyes on her mind, she decided parole wasn’t all that bad.




Book 2: Bad Behavior

My Review

Book 3: On Best Behavior


Get psyched for romance with psychologist/author (psycho author) Jennifer Lane! By day she’s a therapist, and by night she’s a writer. She can’t decide which is more fun.

Jen loves to create sporty heroines and hot heroes in her college sport romances. Volleyball wonder Lucia Ramirez finds her love match in Blocked despite the glaring political spotlight aimed on her family. In Aced, the second book in the Blocked series, it’s her brother Alejandro’s turn to get lucky in love. Spiked (Blocked #3) features Lucia’s younger brother, Mateo, and completes the series.

A swimmer and volleyball player in college, Jen writes swimming-based romances as well: Streamline, a military mystery, and the New Adult novella Swim Recruit.

Stories of redemption interest Jen the most, especially the healing power of love. She is also the author of The Conduct Series, a romantic-suspense trilogy that includes With Good BehaviorBad Behavior, and On Best Behavior. Her current project is a psychological thriller, Twin Sacrifice.

Ultimately, whether writing or reading, Jen loves stories that make her laugh and cry. In her spare time she enjoys exercising, attending book club, and visiting her sisters in Chicago and Hilton Head




Spotlight: Love in the Friend Zone by Molly E. Lee




The only thing worse than not being able to tell your best friend you’re head over heels in love with him? Having to smile and nod when he enlists your help to ensnare the girl of his dreams.

Braylen didn’t even want to go to Lennon Pryor’s epic graduation-night party, but when Fynn begs her to be his “wingwoman,” she can’t deny him. Talking up her BFF—how he’s magic behind a camera, with a killer sense of humor and eyelashes that frame the most gorgeous blue eyes in the history of forever—is easy. Supporting his efforts to woo someone so completely wrong for him? Not so much.

Fynn knows that grad night is his last shot before leaving for college to find true love. And thanks to Bray, he gets his chance with the beautiful Katy Evans. But over the course of the coolest party of their high school careers, he starts to see that perhaps what he really wants has been in front of him all along. Bray’s been his best friend since kindergarten, though, and he’d rather have her in his life as a friend than not at all.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains one epic party, complete with every high-schoolers-gone-bad shenanigan, and two best friends whose sexual chemistry is off the charts…if only they’d succumb to it.     

About the author and where to find her:


Molly E. Lee is an author best known for her debut novel EDGE OF CHAOS, and as a fourth year mentor at Pitch Wars – a program which connects promising writers to established authors in the community. Molly writes New Adult and Young Adult Contemporary featuring strong female heroines who are unafraid to challenge their male counterparts, yet still vulnerable enough to have love sneak up on them. In addition to being a military spouse and mother of two + one stubborn English Bulldog, Molly loves watching storms from her back porch at her Midwest home, and digging for treasures in antique stores.


Twitter: @MollyELee




Excerpt and Sweepstakes: Sweet Surrender by Naima Simone




Killing the messenger is frowned upon. Okay, then… What about laying the messenger on the nearest flat surface and making her scream with pleasure?

From the moment Hayden Reynolds approaches Griffin Sutherland in the local, Florida dive bar, all he can think about is fisting her dark curls and stroking those gorgeous curves. But hell would freeze over before she allowed him to touch her because she’s the woman he left behind five years earlier. And now she’s there to deliver a message—an ultimatum—from his estranged father. Blackmail forces Griffin, black sheep of his powerful Texas family, back home to play nice. But the terms of his bargain say nothing about not satisfying his need for the woman he’s never forgotten…never stopped wanting…

Hayden is no longer the naive girl who once fiercely loved a golden Sutherland and believed he and a maid’s daughter could live happily ever after. Griffin broke her all those years ago, but she forced herself to pick up the pieces and move on. Now he’s back in Texas, acting the part of the proper, dutiful son. But there’s nothing proper about the detailed—dirty—descriptions of how he wants to touch her…take her… Though her body heats every time he’s near, she refuses to surrender to his special brand of passion. Griffin may have returned home, but he’s leaving again. And this time he won’t take her heart with him…

Author’s Note: This book was originally included in The Sutherlands anthology, published in 2016. New content has not been added to this erotic contemporary romance novella. 


“You boys enjoy. Drinks on me tonight.”She froze. That drawl. Slow, thick, and warm like the dark gold, heavy Karo syrup her mother used to pour over pan-fried cornbread when Hayden was younger. Delicious. Pure sin. And familiar. Too damn familiar.

Her heart kicked into a dull, ponderous thud in her chest. It’d been five years since she’d heard that voice. Since then it had teased her, whispered to her…seduced her.

“Open up for me, baby. That’s it. Let me fuck that pretty mouth.”

“This tight pussy is mine. Mine. Say it.”

“I could fucking die in you, baby.”

She blinked, beating back the memories that molasses-and-sex voice stirred, locking them away in the vault they’d somehow escaped from. Swallowing past the fist in her throat, she slowly rotated in the direction of the bar.

Wide shoulders and a broad chest tested the fortitude and determination of a plaid shirt stretched over a white T-shirt. Long, thick, muscular thighs encased in sturdy but worn denim. She could only catch a glimpse of his profile, but that small look revealed a man bigger, more muscled than the one in her memories. The formerly short blonde waves were now caught up in one of those pretty-boy man buns. Sure, this area of Florida could probably claim more than one Viking among its population, but only one man had ever incited the oh shit dip in her belly. Or that damn lick of heat in her veins.


The man had eviscerated her soul to the point that for a year after he left she hadn’t wanted to do anything but lie in a bed and disappear under the covers. Yet, her body still recognized him as the only man who’d ever made it sing like fucking Pavarotti.

God, how she hated him for it.

Hated herself for it.

But that was then. Now? She didn’t want him, didn’t need him.

Sliding from the chair once more, she straightened her shoulders, and strode toward the bar. The sooner she delivered her message to the bastard, the sooner she could call this mission accomplished and go home. Wishing she had a baby wipe to clean the scarred surface of the barstool, she slid onto it.

“Hello, Griffin.” Griffin, not Griff. Since they were no longer friends, she didn’t have the right, or the inclination, to use the shortened, more intimate version of his name.

The blond giant next to her shifted, a small smile already curving his lips. But she caught the moment recognition entered his eyes, darkening them. That sensual but polite smile fell, leaving an impassive, stoic mask she prayed to God she mimicked.

Five years had brought some changes. At twenty-five, Griffin had been leaner, with the hard, beautiful body of a man who spent time in a gym to let off steam. But at thirty, his wide shoulders that blocked out her view of the room behind him, rock solid chest and thick arms put her in the mind of someone who spent less time on a treadmill and more on the sites of his construction company. Those were sweat-and-back-breaking-labor muscles.

But some things had remained the same. The impossibly blue eyes that were all the more brilliant because of his sun-kissed skin and bright hair. The wide, almost-too-full-for-a-man mouth that saved his face, with its chiseled, elegant planes and lines, from verging into pretty boy territory. He still resembled an angel about five minutes after it’d fallen: beautiful and fresh from sinning.

No, she took that back. Now he was more like the huge, powerful, golden mythological creature he’d been named after. A gryphon. Half lion, half eagle. Fierce. Dominant. Stunning in its beauty and just as terrifying.

“Hayden,” he murmured, breaking the quiet that had grown deafening with each passing second.

Just that.

What had she expected, really? Him to fall out of his chair, delirious with joy to see her? He’d exorcised her out of his life like she hadn’t existed. That spoke volumes.

Inhaling a deep breath, she dipped her chin in acknowledgment. “It’s good to see you.”

He arched a dark brown eyebrow. “Is that right?”

The lie had pretty much scalded her tongue, and from the faint, wry twist of his lips, he’d guessed as much. “I figured it was the polite thing to say.”

“Polite.” He picked up the brown beer bottle on the bar in front of him, and tipped it to his lips, his hooded gaze remaining fixed on her. “I’d say we’re far past manners.”


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USA Today Bestselling author Naima Simone’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey, Sandra Brown and Linda Howard many years ago. Well not that many. She is only eighteen…ish. Though her first attempt at a romance novel starring Ralph Tresvant from New Edition never saw the light of day, her love of romance, reading and writing has endured. Published since 2009, she spends her days—and nights— writing sizzling romances with a touch of humor and snark.

She is wife to Superman, or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent, and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, sometimes domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.




Excerpt and Sweesptakes: Taming the Lion (Book #3: Shifter Wars Series) by Kerry Adrienne


0317_9781460397510_Taming the Lion_Kerry Adrienne


For Marco, heir to the lions’ throne, seizing control of the Cave of Whispers from the bear clan is more than just a quest—it’s fulfilling the legacy of his breed. But the latest crusade has left Marco gravely wounded in enemy territory and in the hands of Alicia, healer for the bears. An irresistibly sensuous adversary, Alicia presents a serious problem. She carries the scent of a mate. 

Drawn to this dominant master of his den, Alicia knows her allegiance has been compromised. His brooding sexuality is testing her defenses, but falling in love with Marco means falling in league with a rival shifter. And turning her back on the bears in a time of war is a lethal move. 

Two breeds united by destiny could inspire a peaceful new future for their opposing clans—or ignite the fiercest battle yet and destroy all of Deep Creek forever. 

TtL Teaser 2

Excerpt from Taming the Lion (Book #3: Shifter Wars Series):

“Go away.” His voice barely a whisper on the thick summer air. “I’ll kill you.”

 Alicia gripped the scalpel. She could slide it across his neck in a flash, and it’d be over. No one would have to know. A mercy killing, of sorts. Though she’d be lying to herself to categorize it as such.

 Her grandmother’s words echoed. Alicia was a healer, not a killer.

 From the looks of the lion’s shirt, already dark, yet now wet with blood, he might not recover even with her best efforts to save him. The scent of gunpowder and burnt flesh peppered the blood-laden air. The lions had left him to die under a bush in bear territory, shot in the shoulder.

 She shook her head and settled to the ground on her knees. “I’m not going anywhere.” The strength of her voice hid her fear, though he might sense it anyway. His scent was that of a strong and confident shifter, even in his current state.

 He looked at her.

She blinked, trying to calm the adrenaline rush that shot through her. His eyes, mesmerizing and wide, lured her in, and she couldn’t turn away. Deep green or maybe brown or even both, they were a color she’d never seen and his gaze was magnetic. Her mouth went dry.

 He was her sworn enemy. Sexy, but injured.

 She glanced to the sky, but didn’t see Grandmother Hawk. Typical. Recently, she’d started leaving Alicia to figure out the moral decisions on her own, trusting that she would make the right one.

 Part of the training.

 “Shit.” The scalpel had warmed in her hands, and the sun glinted off the blade in a flash of silvery-white. What would her grandmother do? No doubt, she’d help the lion. Maybe she wouldn’t tell the bears, who she was loyal to, but she’d never let a lion die if she could heal him. She’d never intentionally let anyone die on her watch.

 “War is for the weak minded,” she’d always said. Alicia was beginning to think she was right. Why couldn’t shifters all get along?

 Because the damn lions wanted the bears’ territory. If they’d stayed in their own area, none of the bloodshed would’ve happened. Even though Alicia had heard the stories of the lions and bears and wolves sharing the cave, the actuality felt as foreign as items in an ancient history book. As remote as a fairy tale.


 “Go.” He turned away, but she could still see the strain on his face as he winced.

 His black hair, falling to his shoulders, was damp and matted. How early in the battle had he been wounded? He was bound to be dehydrated.

 “I’m here to help. Like it or not.” She slid the scalpel into its sheath and back into the pocket of her pack. Her earlier assessment was correct. The lion was no threat at the moment. He could barely move. The rise and fall of his chest showed his respirations were high and labored. Blood loss was nearing the severe level.

 He needed help before his body went into shock.

 She looked back toward the trail to make sure she was alone. If Griff or Derek found out about him, the lion wouldn’t need help anymore and her time as medic would be over.

 She’d worry about that another day. She had a lion to save.     

Copyright © Kerry Adrienne 2017

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About the author and where to find her: 

MCP-Kerry-Vail-2-small-largeUSA Today bestselling author Kerry Adrienne is repped by Marisa Corvisiero at Corvisiero Literary Agency. Kerry writes in many sub-genres of romance including paranormal, science fiction, erotic, m/m, time travel, and many more.

She loves history, science, music, and art and is the mom to three daughters, many cats, and various other small animals. She loves live music and traveling most anywhere. In addition to being an author, she’s a college instructor, artist, costumer, editor, and bad guitar player. 

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Excerpt and Sweepstakes: Diary of a Teenage Jewel Thief by Rosie Somers


Most sixteen-year-olds shouldn’t know where museums keep their rarest jewels (the basement) and they really shouldn’t know that vans make the worst getaway cars. But for Marisol Flores, a life of jewel thievery is a birthright handed down from generation to generation, even if she didn’t ask for it. So when a rival thief targets Mari and her mother, Mari’s more than happy to flee to the anonymity of bustling New York City.

Blending in is a dream come true for Mari, but keeping her former thieving ways a secret gets way more complicated when handsome Will Campbell sets his sights on her. She can’t help but like his terrible puns and charming grin…but when her past catches up with her, it’s not only her life—and her anonymity—that’s at stake.

Will could be the next target.

Excerpts from Diary of a Teenage Jewel Thief

1:  When his tongue darts out to wet his lips, I unconsciously mirror the action, and he sucks in a deep breath in response.  A little thrill shoots through me at the realization that he’s reacting to me that way because he wants to kiss me. And if I’m honest with myself, I want to kiss him. I can almost feel his lips pressing against mine. Every fiber of my being is caught in his gravitational pull, aching to be near him

2: Heat surges through me. I lean into Will, memorizing the feel of his body leveled against mine. The life of a thief is a solitary one; I’ve never been this close to a guy before, and the situation is made all the more complicated by the strength of my attraction to him

3: My phone rings. The tinny chime splits the silence and cuts through the romance of the moment, but I don’t move to answer it. Maybe if I stay just like I am, he’ll still kiss me. “You gonna answer that?” Will’s voice is a breathy almost-whisper against my lips.  “No.”

About the author and where to find her:

Rosie Somers is a beach-going book addict who’s been crafting stories since before she learned her ABCs. When she’s not busy trying to bring the characters in her head to life on paper, she can be found volunteering with local animal rescues, crocheting funky hats for her friends, or eating herself into the poorhouse at Chipotle. Her fondest dream is to one day own a goat.

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Spotlight: Billionaire’s Bet (Billionaires Series) by Claire Adams

Tyler is on his way home to spend time with his father before he passes away from lung cancer. He has spent the past 15 years figuratively running away from home, having made a life—and billions—for himself in Birmingham, Alabama. But now that it is time to come home for a visit to Rainbow, Texas, he is feeling conflicted.

And a big reason for that is Kelsi, the high school sweetheart who broke up with him and broke his heart. Of course, she has a different perspective on just who broke whose heart back then. Needless to say, she had no intentions of ever getting back with him, but thanks to a bet from his friends, he decides to try to woo her once more.

Despite her best efforts, Kelsi ends up falling for him, only to have the bet revealed ton her. Unfortunately, Tyler has truly fallen for her as well. Will she be able to get past his betrayal?

Billionaires Bet is a standalone billionaire romance with a HEA, no cheating

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Spotlight and Sweepstakes: The Beach Brides Series



Twelve friends from the online group, Romantic Hearts Book Club, decide to finally meet in person during a destination Caribbean vacation to beautiful Enchanted Island. While of different ages and stages in life, these ladies have two things in common: 1) they are diehard romantics, and 2) they’ve been let down by love. As a wildly silly dare during her last night on the island, each heroine decides to stuff a note in a bottle addressed to her “dream hero” and cast it out to sea! Sending a message in a bottle can’t be any crazier than online or cell phone dating, or posting personal ads! And, who knows? One of these mysterious missives might actually lead to love…

Join Meg, Tara, Nina, Clair, Jenny, Lisa, Hope, Kim, Rose, Lily, Faith and Amy, as they embark on the challenge of a lifetime: risking their hearts to accomplish their dreams.

Check out our amazing Beach Brides countdown! Learn more about each novella, starting with Book 12 and ending with Book 1!

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #12 ~*~

AMY (Raine English) – August 8, 2017

When the wealthy CEO of a popular matchmaking service is ordered to give up his playboy lifestyle, finding a message in a bottle from a woman guided by fate just might be what he needs to carry out his phony engagement scheme.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #11 ~*~

FAITH (Helen Scott Taylor) – August 1, 2017

A single dad receives a message in a bottle from his son for Christmas. He tells himself there’s no room in his life for a woman – and then he meets her and everything changes.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #10 ~*~

LILY (Ciara Knight) – July 25, 2017

An owner of an advertising firm discovers a picture in a bottle that will land a multi-million dollar contract and save his company, but the price for the image may be too high — his heart.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #9 ~*~

ROSE (Shanna Hatfield) – July 18, 2017

Tormented by thoughts of the author of a sweet, romantic letter, Tanner Thomas reaches out to the old-fashioned girl, unprepared to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #8 ~*~

KIM (Magdalena Scott) – July 11, 2017

Jon was engaged when he “landed” the message in a bottle on a fishing trip, and it disappeared before he could decide whether to respond. Now unattached, he’s on a road trip with Kim, whose gratitude in spite of a painful past reminds him of the touching note he wishes he’d kept.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #7 ~*~

HOPE (Aileen Fish) – July 4, 2017

A year after finding a message in a bottle, a California cowboy is goaded into contacting the woman who wrote it, and he quickly fears he waited too long.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #6 ~*~

LISA (Denise Devine) – June 27, 2017

When Lisa Kaye loses her job and her boyfriend, she returns to Enchanted Island, the idyllic place of her childhood, and finds true love through a message in a bottle.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #5 ~*~

JENNY (Melissa McClone) – June 20, 2017   

When a soldier responds to an author’s message in a bottle, she can’t resist replying, but their online friendship takes a surprising turn when she receives a call that he’s been injured and wants to see her.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #4 ~*~

CLAIR (Grace Greene) – June 13, 2017

For Clair Bennett, will her message in a bottle bring her the antidote to heartache, or the bad fortune that allows the man who broke her heart to hurt her yet again?

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #3 ~*~

NINA (Stacey Joy Netzel) – June 6, 2017

Jaded and guy-shy after too many heartbreaks, Nina makes sure no one man could ever meet the impossible criteria specified in her message in a bottle—and then she meets wounded veteran, Finn Regan.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #2 ~*~

TARA (Ginny Baird) – May 30, 2017

A Savannah billionaire finds a message in a bottle on the beach when he’s about to propose to his socialite girlfriend, and his whole life turns on a dime.

~*~ Beach Brides Series Book #1 ~*~

MEG (Julie Jarnagin) – May 23, 2017

When a reality dating show producer finds a message in a bottle from the perfect female contestant, he must convince her to choose one of the contenders and figure out how to keep from falling in love with her himself.

USA Today bestselling author Julie Jarnagin (Meg) writes sweet and inspirational romance.

Ginny Baird (Tara) is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

Stacey Joy Netzel (Nina) is a NY Times bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

Grace Greene (Clair), a USA Today bestselling author, writes sweet contemporary romance and women’s fiction.

Melissa McClone (Jenny) is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet contemporary romance.

Denise Devine (Lisa) is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic comedy and contemporary romance.

Aileen Fish (Hope) is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet contemporary and Regency historical romance.

Magdalena Scott (Kim) is a USA Today bestselling author of small town sweet romance and women’s fiction.

USA Today bestselling author Shanna Hatfield (Rose) writes sweet historical and contemporary romances, liberally sprinkled with humor.

Ciara Knight (Lily) is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet contemporary and historical western romance.

Helen Scott Taylor (Faith) is a NY Times bestselling author of sweet contemporary romance.

Raine English (Amy) is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance.