Three Days with the Unholy Trinity and Sweepstakes: Day#2: A Perfect Mistake (Book #2: A Perfect Secret Series) by Zoe Dawson


I’m continuing with my three days of Zoe and her hot, hunky, totally tripped out (as in triplets!) Outlaw series, so be sure to check out yesterday’s post on A Perfect Mess and return tomorrow for A Perfect Dilemma, her third book and my review!

Next up is A Perfect Mistake where the Boone Swoon swamped good girl, Verity Fairchild, the goody-two-shoes preacher’s daughter that harbored an agonizing secret that would rock Boone to the very core of his soul. Harbored a desperate crush on the most reckless Outlaw of the bunch, a lost boy who had found himself by sheer guts. If only she had the courage to tell him what really had happened at that Graduation Party. Little did she know that Boone would take her beyond what she thought she could ever be, give her the courage that she needed to take control of a life she had never lived. Until Boone woke her up and took her under.

Title: A Perfect Mistake Series: Book #2: A Perfect Secret Series Author: Zoe Dawson Format: ebook, 252 pages Published: December 16, 2013 by Blue Moon Creative ASIN:B00HCTQVPA

Title: A Perfect Mistake
Series: Book #2: A Perfect Secret Series
Author: Zoe Dawson
Format: ebook, 252 pages
Published: December 16, 2013 by Blue Moon Creative


Purple Goodreads


How can they have a future when their past is based on a lie?

The perfect preacher’s daughter, Verity Fairchild, has something that only she and God know about and she wants to keep it that way. Her mistake was easy to keep secret when she was out of town, but now that she’s come back to Hope Parish for the summer, she comes face-to-face with the guy responsible for it all. Boone Outlaw nearly ruined everything for her and despite the fact that he’s now working at her father’s church, she’s determined to stay as far away from him as possible.

Boone Outlaw doesn’t understand Verity’s anger towards him. He barely knows her. In high school she was Holy Mary Verity and she was off limits – except in his dreams where Verity seems way too real. Most of the time he was wasted in high school, not the type of boy Verity would ever look at twice, but he can’t shake the feeling that something might have happened between them. He’s going to break his own rules to get the answers he needs straight from Verity.

What will Verity do when she finds something in Boone that she never knew existed and her perfect mistake is the only thing that could stand between them and their happiness? Will she sacrifice Boone to keep her secret?

Excerpt from A Perfect Mistake (Book #2: A Perfect Secret Series):

“Why are you pissed off at me?”

I stared straight ahead. I just wanted him to get out and leave me alone. “Thanks for fixing my tire, but I’ve got ice cream in the back seat for the church social and I have to get it home.” My voice was not at all sincere. It was flat, the anger coloring it even though I tried to play it cool. All I had to do was get through this summer with my parents, break the news to them about my plans, and blow out of Suttontowne like it was nothing but a bad memory.

He just stared at me for what felt like an eternity.

“What the fuck? You aren’t going to tell me, are you?”

“I’m not angry at you,” I said like an idiot. It was obvious that I was madder than hell at him. He was intelligent and perceptive. Of course he knew I was lying through my teeth.

His black, wet hair clung to his forehead. A frisson of heat settled in my gut as I watched out of the corner of my eye as droplets of water slipped over his finely formed lips. His t-shirt clung to his hard chest, his skin glistening, and I could see the muscles delineated there.

The tension in the car shifted and my eyes fused to his. His chest heaved and I found that my breathing went shallow.

“I didn’t take you for a liar.”

No, he only took me past the danger zone. I said nothing. I had too much to say and it was all trapped in my throat, in my chest, and in my heart.

He swore softly, pulling his eyes away from me and dropping his chin. All of a sudden and completely against my will, I had the urge—no the craving—to reach over and run my fingers through all that wet, tumbled mess of midnight black. Tears pricked my eyes and I promised myself, again, I wouldn’t shed one more tear over Boone.

“Nothing and no one in this town ever changes,” he growled under his breath. He opened the passenger door and glared at me again. “You would think I’d be used to it by now.” He pushed out of the seat and stood in the rain, giving me such a heartbreaking look, my tears gathered anyway. I couldn’t help but be affected.

He turned then, slamming the door and stalking away. I watched him in my rearview mirror as he kicked dirt and stones on the side of the road, got back into his truck and peeled off.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever had possessed my daddy to hire Boone? It would have been so much easier not to be forced to see him every damn day.

Tears slipped down my cheeks. I guess my promise to myself was broken. For a split second I remembered Boone at that party, and guilt and shame washed through me.

Boone Outlaw ruined my life. There wasn’t any way I was going to cut him any slack.


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My Review

About the author and where to find her:

Zoe Dawson is the alter ego of Karen Anders, award winning, multi-published author. Her writing journey started with poetry and branched out into fiction. With a couple of college English courses under her belt, she penned a historical, then moved onto contemporary romance fiction. Today, she is happy producing romantic suspense, romantic mystery, urban fantasy and paranormal novels. The words feed her soul and the happily ever afters feed her heart.

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Three Days with the Unholy Trinity and Sweepstakes: Day#1: A Perfect Mess (Book #1: A Perfect Secret Series) by Zoe Dawson


I’ve got three days of Zoe and her hot, hunky, totally tripped out (as in triplets!) Outlaw series, so be sure to return tomorrow for a preview of A Perfect Mistake, her second book and on Monday for A Perfect Dilemma, her third book and my review!

It all started in A Perfect Mess with Booker Outlaw, a sharp-witted, silver-tongued unpredictable Outlaw and a secret that he kept for the girl most likely to succeed. He would die for her, but she never even knew it until she came back to Suttontowne. Came back and found that she needed Booker, that her life was going to change, and that she would find herself in the deep, dark blue of his eyes.


Title: A Perfect Mess Series: Book #1: A Perfect Secret Series Author: Zoe Dawson Format: Kindle Edition, 367 pages Published: August 5, 2013 by Blue Moon Creative ASIN: B00ED4WKKC

Title: A Perfect Mess
Series: Book #1: A Perfect Secret Series
Author: Zoe Dawson
Format: Kindle Edition, 367 pages
Published: August 5, 2013 by Blue Moon Creative

Purple Goodreads


I know what you did last summer.

Aubree Walker, the perfect girl most likely to succeed, is sure there’s only one person who knows what she did.

Booker Outlaw, one of the three Outlaw brothers—all identical, all gorgeous, all from the wrong side of the tracks, and all pure bad boys. He was always the unpredictable one, the one who would be brash enough to make it big self-publishing horror novels on the internet. He promised never to tell, but everyone knows you can never trust an Outlaw.

Then a year later, in the middle of the night, she receives a phone call at Tulane. Her aunt, who took her in after her mother’s death, is in a coma under suspicious circumstances. Now she has to face that one person who knows all about what she did that summer—sexy Booker.

Returning to Hope Parish to be with her aunt, stirs up all those ugly memories. When Aubree starts getting threats, she can’t help but wonder if what she did last summer was tied to her aunt’s “accident.” Afraid, she turns to the only person who knows the truth and Booker doesn’t hesitate to offer his broad shoulder for her to lean on. But Booker has a secret of his own that could crush their fledgling relationship.

As the hot, sultry summer days move on, she finds that even a perfectly smart girl can lose her heart to a perfectly bad boy. What is she going to do when someone starts asking questions Aubree doesn’t want to answer? She’s knee deep into a terribly dangerous, wholly life changing, who-can-she-really-depend-on perfect mess.


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My Review

About the author and where to find her:

Zoe Dawson is the alter ego of Karen Anders, award winning, multi-published author. Her writing journey started with poetry and branched out into fiction. With a couple of college English courses under her belt, she penned a historical, then moved onto contemporary romance fiction. Today, she is happy producing romantic suspense, romantic mystery, urban fantasy and paranormal novels. The words feed her soul and the happily ever afters feed her heart.

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Guest Post: Broken by Traci L. Slatton


Title: Broken Author: Traci L. Slatton Format: Paperback, 159 pages Published: September 5, 2014 by Parvati Press  ISBN13: 9780986061165

Title: Broken
Author: Traci L. Slatton
Format: Paperback, 159 pages
Published: September 5, 2014 by Parvati Press
ISBN13: 9780986061165

Purple Goodreads


Power is pornographic

Can love sustain light when the forces of evil close in?

Paris, 1939-1942. A fallen angel is trapped in the web of German Occupation. The deadly noose of Nazi control grows ever tighter, ensnaring her and two of her lovers, a bullfighter and a musician working in the fledgling Resistance. Can she save them and the Jewish widow and her child that she has come to love, or will betrayal take them all?

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The Cover of Broken by Traci L. Slatton

One of the benefits of being an independent publisher is getting to choose cover art. I put a lot of care and thought into the covers of books from Parvati Press, because a cover has to persuade a customer to give up hard earned cash to buy one of our books. So the cover has to be appealing. It’s the first and most important marketing task: choosing a knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark-with-bases-loaded cover. It’s also really fun.

            My husband Sabin Howard ( is a famous classical figurative sculptor. He’s plugged into the current art world. He has many Facebook friends and Twitter followers who are also artists. One day he was posting his latest drawings on Facebook—he’s an exceptional draughtsman, and Sabin prepares for a sculpture by designing the figure on paper—when he saw a painting that put him in mind of the novel I was working on.

            “Traci, come here,” he beckoned. He pointed to his screen, where there was an image of a gorgeous painting of an angel by Italian painter Robert Ferri ( ).

            The painting, Liberaci dal Male, shows a dark-winged angel pulling a snake from her arm. The lovely angel is nude but seated and twisting, so her genitals and breasts aren’t visible. What is immediately striking is the lush, sensual curve of her back and legs. That snake being spun out of her arm is also visually arresting.

            I was far enough into the first draft of Broken at that point to be completely enchanted by Ferri’s painting, which seemed to encapsulate so many of the novel’s themes.

            Sabin emailed Roberto and set up a time to Skype with him. Sabin’s mother is from Torino and his first language was Italian, and he grew up half in Italy and half in the US, so his Italian is flawless. He and Roberto had an animated conversation about Roberto’s painting and my book, and Roberto agreed to give me the rights to use his painting on the cover of my novel. A few days later, he emailed me some documents and a super high-res image of Liberaci dal Male. Ecco!

            When it came time to turn the image into a book cover, I discussed with Gwyn Snider ( ), the cover designer, ways to mitigate that beautiful naked ass, which I knew from experience would give certain retailers pause. Gwyn came up with the idea of a piece of tape covering the fleshy buttocks. And that was a perfect place for the tagline for the book: Power is pornographic.

About the author and where to find her:

Traci L. Slatton is a graduate of Yale and Columbia, and the award-winning, internationally published author of books of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. She is also the founder of Parvati Press, an independent press which was recently recognized by the IRS as a 501(c ) (3) not-for-profit corporation. She lives in Manhattan and her love for Renaissance Italy inspired her historical novelIMMORTAL, which was published around the world and achieved bestseller status in Italy, Russia, and Brazil. BROKEN tells the sensual, heart-rending story of a fallen angel in occupied Paris from 1939-1942. Her novel THE BOTTICELLI AFFAIR is a contemporary romp through the art history byways of vampire lore. Her novel FALLEN is the first of the acclaimed romanticAfter Series set during the end times. Its sequel COLD LIGHT and Book 3 FAR SHORE further the dystopian tale. The quirky, bittersweet sci fi love story THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFEseeks to answer the question: What worlds would you move for your soulmate? DANCING IN THE TABERNACLE is her first book of poetry; PIERCING TIME & SPACE is a non-fiction look at the meeting of science and spirit. THE ART OF LIFE is a photo-essay of sculpture history and philosophy written with her husband Sabin Howard, whose work is also showcased.

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Review: Once Upon a Dream (Book #5: Summerhill Series) by Kate Perry

Title: Once Upon a Dream Series: Book #5: Summerhill Series Author: Kate Perry Format: ebook, 277 pages Published: September 15, 2014 by Phoenix Rising Enterprises, Inc. ISBN: 139781939102225

Title: Once Upon a Dream
Series: Book #5: Summerhill Series
Author: Kate Perry
Format: ebook, 277 pages
Published: September 15, 2014 by Phoenix Rising Enterprises, Inc.
ISBN: 139781939102225



Summer Welles wants the fairy tale.

The illegitimate daughter of Reginald Summerhill, the Earl of Amberlin, she listened to her mother’s stories about the Summerhill girls all her life. In her mind, Summer was part of the stories too—living in the castle, wearing fancy dresses, and falling in love with Prince Charming.

Her wish came true. Mostly. She lives in the Summerhill mansion. She has stepsisters—nice ones who don’t make her clean the chimney. She even has a magical wedding dress waiting for her special day. The only thing missing is the perfect man.

She knows exactly who he is, and she’s going to confront him at the annual Midnight Masquerade Ball. What Summer didn’t count on was mistaking a masked frog for her prince.

Once she kisses the mysterious man, he won’t go away. And he’s not sweet or charming or princely. He seems more interested in ravishing her rather than riding off into the sunset with her, and—worse—she’s tempted to let him.
Her fairy tale at stake, Summer’s faced with her own quest that neither frog nor prince can rescue her from: sacrifice her Happily Ever After, or turn her back on the one man who makes her feel alive?

Source: ARC from author

My Rating: 3/5 stars

My Review:

Summer Welles is a well-appointed attorney by day and a dreamer by night.  Since she was a child, her mother (Reginald Summerhill’s mistress) told her she would one day find her prince charming and when she did, the first kiss would tell her everything.  For her entire life Summer has lived and believed in the fairy tale and she has finally found her prince charming.  Too bad she can’t drum up the courage to talk to him. 

Ryan Huber is everything Summer wants in a man: he is well dressed, well mannered, intelligent, successful and, dead sexy.  He works just down the hall from Summer’s law office and though they have shared an elevator (sorry, lift J) on more than one occasion, they have never spoken a word to one another.  Summer’s courage is on the rise though and once she convinces Ryan that he is meant to be hers, the fairy tale will be complete and Summer will finally have her HEA.  The plan is in motion and with the help of her Summerhill (half)sisters, Summer will bag her man in one magical moment. 

Jon Smith has lived a dangerous life since he was a child and now it is time to get out.  Jon’s job has been lucrative, at times exciting, mostly dangerous and, above all else solitary.  Jon’s dream of retiring to Thailand is within reach and with just one job left on his schedule, he can be on his island within the month.  All he has to do is prove, irrefutably that Ryan Huber is lying, scheming criminal who has been embezzling money from his clients for years.  Jon’s mission is clear and simple and once it is done he is free.  What Jon doesn’t count on, on any level is Summer Welles.  But, in one most unforeseen moment his identity is mistaken, Summer is kissing him and, everything in Jon’s world is turned upside down. 

For Summer the moment of mistaken identity is both the best and the worst moment of her entire life.  The kiss told her absolutely everything she needs to know about her prince charming.  Unfortunately, that kiss told her everything she needs to know about the wrong man and that man is out to destroy her true prince charming.  Determined to prove Jon wrong, prove that Ryan is actually not a slimy bastard and, have her HEA, Summer begins to tag along behind Jon in an attempt to “help” him.  In yet another unfortunate turn of events, Summer finds herself more and more drawn to Jon and just doesn’t know how she can possibly salvage the situation.    What’s more, her sisters keep trying to convince her that maybe, just maybe her prince charming isn’t the guy she thought but someone altogether un-prince-like. 

The Bottom Line: Since the beginning, the Summerhill series has been a favorite but Once Upon a Dream just didn’t really do it for me.  I certainly don’t mind that Summer has been brought into the fold and when she is being a lawyer, a sister or with Jon, I was OK with her.  Unfortunately, there was just too much of Summer’s ridiculous prince charming business.  Given Summer’s general personality and insistence on manners and professionalism, I would have liked and expected to see a bit more maturity regarding her dreams and expectations.  Her general naïveté and childlike insistence that her fairy tale will come true just doesn’t fit with Summer’s personality – a personality we have had glimpses of in each of the previous four reads.  On the flip side of Summer are all the other characters that I once again very much enjoyed.  Jon is a delight and it is always nice to see a hardened and cynical character changed by a new and exciting love.  The Summerhill girls were also in fine form with Imogen sweeping in is dramatic fashion (oooh! The epilogue!),  Titania snapping photographs and being a general smartass, Bea taking care of everything (and refusing to acknowledge Luca), Ros dressing everyone, Viola trying to find herself (baker, bartender. . . ) and, Jacqueline discovering love again after so, so many years without.  In all, Jon and the secondary characters really carried this story for me and though I was a bit disappointed in Summer, I was still able to like the read.

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About the author and where to find her:

Kate has tangoed at midnight with a man in blue furry chaps, dueled with flaming swords in the desert, and strutted on bar tops across the world and back. She’s been kissed under the Eiffel Tower, had her butt pinched in Florence, and been serenaded in New Orleans. But she found Happy Ever After in San Francisco with her Magic Man.  Kate’s the bestselling author of the Laurel Heights Novels, as well as the Pillow Talk and Guardians of Destiny series. She’s been translated into several languages and is quite proud to say she’s big in Slovenia. All her books are about strong, independent women who just want love.  Most days, you can find Kate in her favorite café, working on her latest novel. Sometimes she’s wearing a tutu. She may or may not have a jeweled dagger strapped to her thigh…

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Cover Reveal:Afraid to Fall (Book #1: The Dennison Series) by W. Ferraro

Title: Afraid to Fall Series: Book #1: The Dennison Series Author: W. Ferraro Genre: Contemporary Romance Expected publication: October 18, 2014

Title: Afraid to Fall
Series: Book #1: The Dennison Series
Author: W. Ferraro
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected publication: October 18, 2014

Purple Goodreads


Jaded and hardened by the ultimate of betrayals, Clearwater Falls Sheriff Gage Dennison is content with his simple, detached life.

 With only his loyal dog at his side, Gage has successfully maintained the walls he’s built around his life and heart for eight years. From his secluded house at the end of a private road, to the solitude of a small town sheriff, he has no trouble keeping everyone just where he wants them – at a distance.

But Gage soon learns his walls are not as solid as he thought them to be.

Despite all his efforts, and against his will, Gage’s new neighbor Delaney Collins threatens to crack his once-impenetrable walls.

Unprepared for the constant verbal sparring, and growing physical attraction to Delaney, Gage is suddenly fighting an internal war he never expected. His brain and reason insist he keep his distance, but his body refuses to listen. Especially when the lure of her warm, willing body soothing his bruised and battered soul is too much to resist.

As the demons of his past are revealed, will Gage crumble under the weight of his fear? Or will he find the strength necessary to tear down his walls and hold on to the only woman that offers him a second chance at love?

About the author and where to find her: 

Wendy headshot picI live in New England with my young family. I’m a stay at home mom to two very active children. For all of you who are familiar with the stress of this job, I decided to complete an item on my bucket list and write a book. When I’m not writing, you will find me cooking, reading, shopping or being silly with the kids.  I wish you all happy reading and hope you fall in love with the men of Hamden.

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Excerpt: Hot Pursuit (Book #1: Hot Pursuit Series) by Jennifer Zane


Title: Hot Pursuit Series: Book #1: Hot Pursuit Series Author: Jennifer Zane Format: ebook Expected publication: September 15, 2014 by Smashwords Edition  ISBN13: 9781310473890

Title: Hot Pursuit
Series: Book #1: Hot Pursuit Series
Author: Jennifer Zane
Format: ebook
Expected publication: September 15, 2014 by Smashwords Edition
ISBN13: 9781310473890

Purple Goodreads


A fun weekend at a friends wedding in Denver takes a bizarre twist for Anna Scott when her rental car is pulled over due to an “anonymous tip”. In her trunk…one dead body linked to warring crime families in Denver and New York. It should be easy for an innocent woman to be cleared for an innocent mix-up. But was it a mistake? The police aren’t so sure, and neither is the crime boss who wants vengeance for his son-in-law’s death. You see, Anna Scott didn’t exist a couple of years ago, she knows way too much about criminal procedures and about talking to cops. Anna Scott has a secret, and this twist of fate could not only expose her, but place her and anyone close to her in danger.

Jake Griffin is playing a dangerous game. He’s spent the last few months undercover in the Moretti crime family. Anna Scott is a big problem. Moretti assigns him to find out who she is, what she wants, and to kill her if she’s a threat. Jake needs to keep his nose clean and focus on taking down Moretti, not a sexy woman who is a complete mystery. He can’t stop thinking about her; her knowledge, her name, her dangerous associates, her fear, or the bone deep desire every time he sees her. Nick’s at war with the whole world over one alluring, yet vulnerable woman, and he can’t seem to stop taking dangerous chances where she’s concerned. The most dangerous of all might be trusting her with the truth.

 Excerpt from Hot Pursuit (Book #1: Hot Pursuit Series):

This woman, Anna Scott, followed the lawyer with her eyes, but otherwise remained devoid of emotion. She didn’t look like she was on drugs—she definitely wasn’t amped up on meth, and if she was on some kind of downer or hooked on pain meds, she’d be unconscious or glazed over, not quiet and focused. I didn’t think she was in shock, even if Peters wondered just that. She just looked…in control.

I recognized the two detectives, Gossing and Werbler, who took seats on the other side of the table. They were good men and good detectives. If this woman had shot Bobby Lane, they would wheedle it from her.

Werbler began. “Do you know Bobby Lane?”

The public defender nodded at the woman. Anna Scott cleared her throat. “No.”

“Paul Moretti?”

“No. You know I’m from New York. I don’t know anyone here.” Her voice was soft, but deep with intent even though the speakers in the wall.

“Ever been to Denver before?”


“Ever been to Scorch?”

“If it’s in Denver, then obviously I haven’t.”

“Come on, Ms. Scott, give us something to work with here, because otherwise I’m willing to believe you killed Bobby Lane.”

Anna Scott looked between the detectives. “You’re the good cop and you’ve drawn the short straw for bad cop. It’s not going to work. You know my name and all the other information about me you’ve been able to pull up on the computer in the past two hours I’ve been sitting here. You no doubt know I’m in town for the weekend with a friend for his sister’s wedding by seeing our hotel rooms were reserved for the wedding party.” She swallowed deeply, licked her lips. Why did I find that really hot?

“Boyfriend?” I asked Peters, keeping my eyes on the other room.

He shook his head. “Two hotel rooms, so I don’t think so.”

“Are you sure you don’t want some soda?” Werbler asked, pointing to the can.

“I’m not touching that can so you can get my fingerprints.”

Werbler’s mouth fell open, but he shut it quickly.

I lifted an eyebrow at her knowledge. She was a surprise. And a delight. I watched as the detectives shifted in their seats.

“Is she a lawyer?” I asked Peters.

“Records say architect. Runs her own business. Works from home.”

An architect that knew about the law.

“I flew in last night at eleven thirty, which I’m sure you know. Passenger records are easy enough to obtain, which I’m sure you’ve done. So being on a plane somewhere over Nebraska at the time of death with over one hundred other people is a pretty solid alibi.”

“Are you saying you know when he was killed?” Gossing asked. “Does that mean that you were involved, but maybe didn’t pull the trigger? Getaway driver, perhaps?”

The detectives were trying to fluster her. They’d made grown men cry before, but their attempts didn’t appear to be working now. Her hands hadn’t moved, her skin wasn’t flushed in anger. Nothing.

“I saw the man, you said Bobby Lane was his name? I saw him in the trunk of the car with the two traffic officers for about ten seconds. Rigor had set in because he was curled up in the fetal position. I don’t have to be an ME to know that means he’d been dead for at least twelve hours.” Anna tucked her hair behind her ear. Her first sign of movement. Her nails were short with a simple manicure. No wedding ring.

“Not a doctor? Parents? Anyone a doctor?” I asked Peters, my eyes focused on Anna.

I saw Peters look at a folder on the desk out of the corner of my eye. “Says her mother died when she was six, father when she was eighteen. No record of how. No siblings. No living relatives.”

I saw a small smile play at the corner of the public defender’s mouth. I could tell she was enjoying this. So was I. Holy hell, it was like watching a teacher scold two recalcitrant school boys. But I never had a teacher who looked like Anna Scott.

“Even if I had somehow shot him,” she continued, “I couldn’t have lifted him up from wherever I’d done it to place him in the trunk. I’m not big, or strong enough, to do it.”

I couldn’t tell with her sitting down, but she wasn’t more than five-five. Bobby Lane was a big man, well over six feet and hadn’t exercised in his life. The extra fifty pounds he’d carried around his middle was proof.

“Maybe you killed him when he was standing in front of the trunk and he collapsed into it after you shot him.”

“No blood. No bullet hole in the trunk. No GSR on my hands.”

“So you’re willing to test for gunshot residue?”

“I am.”

I had to know more. She was like a puzzle I had to solve. “Any information on IQ, medical records, being institutionalized?”

“What, you think she’s a psychopath? Sociopath? Schizo?”

“Doubtful, but she’s very smart, very knowledgeable…familiar with all this.” I waved my hand at the room around us. “How can she look so innocent and wholesome and be so…well versed in police proceedings? In death?”

“Ted Bundy looked pretty wholesome back in his day.” Peters shrugged. Not all answers were available. Some detectives had to dig for it. Sometimes they never learned all the answers. Peters was well aware of this. “All I know is that she acts like she’s got a stick up her butt.”

I cocked my head, watched her closely. “She acts like it. Act being the key word.” I looked at her eyes. Flat. Unfeeling, but focused. “She’s…scared. She’s hiding behind, what’s the word?” I snapped my fingers. “Aloofness. As if this isn’t affecting her. I bet she’s shitting a brick on the inside.”

Anna took a deep breath and I enjoyed watching her breasts rise and fall. Calm as can be, she continued. “As for the car, I put my rental agreement in my carry-on when I left the lot at the airport last night. I assume you checked with the company and know that car isn’t mine. Since I have an alibi, and the car isn’t mine, the only explanation is that my car is still in the lot at the hotel.”

It was the detectives’ turn to take a deep breath. The public defender tapped her pen on the table.

The answer clicked into place for me. She was right. She’d been in the wrong car.

“Valet,” I said.

“What?” Peters asked.

“The valet.” I pointed at her. “No way this woman parks her car in a dark hotel lot after midnight when she got in. She’s too smart to do something as dangerous as that. She flew in with a friend. I’m guessing he has his own rental since he’s part of the wedding party. Probably has wedding stuff she doesn’t have to do. A different schedule. He’s not her boyfriend. You said two rooms.” I paused, considered her through the glass. “She doesn’t trust him enough to drive her—definitely not a boyfriend or anyone close then. If he drove his own rental and they got separated from the airport to the hotel, she wouldn’t chance being alone in the lot. So she valets the car. She’s in complete control of everything. She has to be. She’s handling Gossing and Werbler like it’s their first day at the Academy.” I stood and paced in front of the window. “Fuck, it’s so simple. The valet gave her the wrong car. What kind is it?”

“Ford Taurus.”

I gave a quick bark of laughter, turned to look at Peters. “There are a million of them out there. I’m right, aren’t I?”

Before Peters could answer, Werbler spoke up. “Miss Scott, your rental is indeed in the parking lot of your hotel. It seems when you gave your ticket to the valet this morning he brought you the wrong car. They said you had a burgundy Taurus.”


“Excuse me?” Gossing asked, leaning his elbows on the table.

“My rental car is maroon, not burgundy.”

“You couldn’t tell the difference when the valet gave it to you?” Werbler wondered.

She arched one elegant eyebrow. “I’m not suggesting the car in question and my rental car are two different colors. What I’m stating is that the valet you questioned is clearly color blind since he doesn’t know the difference between the two. Perhaps he isn’t the most reliable of sources of information. How many cars did he valet this morning? How many were a Taurus like mine? You’re just wasting my time with this line of talk as you’re both smart enough to have already validated everything by my rental agreement with the car company ”

Maroon and burgundy were the same to me, but I was no artist, so what did I know? I couldn’t help but grin at her don’t-fuck-with-me tone and glanced over at Peters. The way she looked, all fresh and innocent, the way she dressed, all tame and soft, screamed prissy. But she wasn’t, because that type of woman did nothing for me. Annoyed the shit out of me. Anna Scott was…an anomaly. I read people. I was good at it. It was my job to be good at it. Saved my life a time or two. But I couldn’t get a bead on her. Which made her a challenge, and I loved a good challenge. And if said challenge happened to make me wonder what she was wearing beneath her prim little outfit, all the better.

I’d wager her appearance was all for show. Some kind of outward shell she showed to the world. Beneath, she’d wear soft lace and satin. Would her skin be as silky soft as it looked? Would her nipples be as pale pink as I imagined? I shifted against the table. “You’re right, this is interesting.”

“You’re telling me I’m sitting here in a Denver police station being questioned for murder because a valet didn’t look at his ticket and gave me a supposed burgundy Taurus instead of maroon,” Anna Scott stated matter-of-factly.

Werbler and Gossing shifted once again, embarrassment keen on their faces. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Then I’m free to go.” It wasn’t a question.

She glanced at her lawyer who gave a quick nod. The woman hadn’t said a word. It seemed Anna Scott didn’t really need legal council, just the protection one afforded her by law. The protection of keeping her mouth shut until she’d gotten her ducks in a row to defend herself.

“Yes, you are,” Gossing told her. “After you submit to a GSR test.”

“All right.” Anna Scott shifted her seat back, the metal scraping against the linoleum floor and stood. I was right, about five-five. Standing, without the table to shield her, she looked…fragile. Even with her shoulders back, her dark hair like a waterfall, her chin tilted in a way to make her look like she had a stick up her ass, she was lovely. Almost innocent of the world, which was the strangest statement since she’d obviously had a run-in with cops before, regardless of what her record said. My mouth went dry just taking in my fill. I took a sip of my now cold coffee. Winced at the miserable taste.

Her thumbs brushed slightly against her skirt, but other than that she was still. No smile, no sparkle in her eyes at her victory over the police. I’d be dancing a jig after getting myself out of a possible murder charge. That, or I’d need new pair of pants. I moved closer to the glass for a better look. She was damaged. Something had happened to her, but I didn’t know what. Hadn’t we all? Anyone who made it to adulthood had to have something happen to them. It’s how you survived that mattered. And it appeared to me that Anna Scott was surviving. And that was it.

A strange emotion settled in my chest, one I hadn’t felt in a long time. I tamped it down. No way was I going to feel something, anything, for this woman. The fact that she looked so alone—so aloof surrounded by so many—made me want to pull her into my arms and tell her everything was going to be okay. To protect her. I shook my head at my crazy thoughts. Women like her and those protective feelings only brought me trouble I didn’t want. 

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Excerpt and Sweepstakes: Risking It All (Book #1: Morgan Family Romance) by JM Stewart



Title: Risking It All Series: Book #1: Morgan Family Romance Author: JM Stewart Genre: Contemporary Romance Published: September 16, 2014 Publisher: Berkley Intermix

Title: Risking It All
Series: Book #1: Morgan Family Romance
Author: JM Stewart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: September 16, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Intermix



Love requires a leap of faith…

She’s everything he wants…

For years, Kyle Morgan has hidden his true feelings from the gorgeous girl next door that he grew up loving and protecting. But when she shows up at his apartment in the middle of the night, desperately needing comfort and support, his iron will begins to waver…

…and the only thing he can’t bear to lose.

Kyle was always the big brother Cecelia Anton never had, but suddenly her goofy best friend has become a sexy man she can’t keep her thoughts—or hands—off of. As their deep connection melts into uncontrollable desire, Ceci is willing to put it all on the line for a shot at true love. Only Kyle is keeping a terrible secret about Ceci’s past that could destroy not only their lifelong friendship but their happily-ever-after…

Excerpt from Risking It All (Book #1: Morgan Family Romance):

For a moment, she stared, her eyes searching his, then she straightened her shoulders. “Why’d you kiss me?”

Panic curled through him, sending his pulse pounding into his rib cage. Damn. Why hadn’t he expected her to ask that? But he couldn’t answer it. To do so would be tempting fate. An intense need for distance seized him. Half afraid he’d lose his mind and do something else he’d regret, like pull her into his arms and show her why he’d kissed her, he shot to his feet.

He flashed her a smile he knew had to look as phony as it felt. “Headache’s better. Thanks.”

He didn’t wait for a response but strode toward the yard.

“I need to know, Kyle.”

His answer sat on the tip of his tongue, but the voice of reason sounded in his head. Don’t say it. Whatever you do, do not say it. Just keep walking.

Her soft footsteps sounded behind him. “You can’t just do something like that and walk away and expect me not to question it. You blow hot and cold, do you know that? I know desire when I see it, yet you just keep walking away.”

“Ever think maybe I wanted to kiss you?” The words left his mouth on a hoarse whisper, and God help him, a desperate need to see her eyes seized him. He turned to find her directly behind him. She stared for a fraction of a second too long, heat and curiosity blazed in her eyes. A heartbeat later, a light blush stole into her cheeks, but she didn’t move, didn’t say a word.

Everything inside of him ground to a halt, his mind twisting off in another direction. I’ll be damned. If ever he needed a confirmation, there it was. Whatever had happened between them was definitely not one-sided.


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 About the author and where to find her:

author - JM StewartJM is the author of passionate, heartfelt contemporary romance. She’s a wife, a mother, a spiritualist, and lover of puppies, and happily addicted to coffee and chocolate. She lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband, two sons, and two very spoiled dogs. She’s a hopeless romantic who believes everybody should have their happily-ever-after and has been devouring romance novels for as long as she can remember. Writing them has become her obsession.

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Excerpt and Sweepstakes: Wounded (Book #8: Rylee Adamson Series) by Shannon Mayer



Title: Wounded Series: Book #8: Rylee Adamson Series Author: Shannon Mayer Format: Kindle Edition, 300 pages Published: September 9, 2014 by Hijinks Ink Publishing ASIN: B00MBQASMQ

Title: Wounded
Series: Book #8: Rylee Adamson Series
Author: Shannon Mayer
Format: Kindle Edition, 300 pages
Published: September 9, 2014 by Hijinks Ink Publishing

Purple Goodreads


“My name is Rylee and I am a Tracker.”

When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I’m the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot.

The clock is ticking and I can feel the weight of the final battle with the demon hordes looming over my head. The puzzle pieces are becoming clearer, but the casualty list is growing. And with each name that is added to those we’ve lost, my confidence cracks a little more.

Yet there is hope.

A child saved.

A life lost.

A prophecy fulfilled. 

Excerpt from Wounded (Book #8: Rylee Adamson Series):

“You don’t think that all of the disasters that humanity has faced were all natural, do you? The bubonic  lague is a good example. It was blamed on a number of things. Rats, the Jewish people, punishment from God. It all led to a cleansing of anything unusual. Mostly supernaturals, who were trying to blend in, and in that process the humans wiped out many of their best defenders against the demon population, which then went on to spread the plague across the world. But that is just one example.”
“What was the point though, wouldn’t the demons have wanted people to be alive so they could possess them?” Liam asked.
Erik gave a ruthful smile. “Yes and no. The bubonic plague wasn’t so much about killing people off, as it was infecting them. Making them weak and easier to possess. The plague compromised their immune systems, allowing them to be taken over. Especially the young.”  Something about what Erik said sent a twang through my brain. I struggled to put the pieces together that floated just out of reach. Damn it. Liam touched my arm. “What?”  I closed my eyes and pressed my palms into them, blocking out any light. “Just let me think for a minute.”
The feel of the night air and the sound of the fountain filled my ears as I looked at the pieces one by one.  Demons escaped in London who bred fast.  Minor supernaturals were being possessed by lesser demons and evil spirits.  Packs of Orion’s demons were free to cause chaos.  The only thing we were missing was a plague and then Orion would have access to all the young  people he wanted. The urge to vomit swelled up through my stomach and burned the back of my throat.
“Children are normally hard to possess, aren’t they?” That was why it had taken a full pentagram when the black coven was trying to have India possessed so many months ago. At least, that was what I understood.  Bert bobbed his head. “Yes, it can be very difficult to possess a child. There is a natural protection over the young when it comes to demons, something the elementals put into play.” He grimaced as he said ‘elemental’ and again I wondered at these particular supernaturals that I’d only just been hearing about. “But when the small humans are ill, that protection goes into keeping them alive, rather than keeping them from being possessed.”
Feeling like a bully, but not really caring, I leaned in to Bert. “How did the bubonic plague really start?”
An interesting thing happened. Bert paled and shook his head. “I can’t tell you.”
My eyebrows shot up and I glanced at Erik. “You want to make him talk, or do you want me to make him talk?”
Erik shrugged. “Either way is fine. I haven’t interrogated a demon in years. I’ve missed it.”  Bert paled even more and his lower lip trembled. “I can’t tell you. I can’t. Tracker, Slayer both of you have to trust me. Please.”
“Begging will get you nowhere, little demon.” Erik growled. He had a short, serrated knife in his hand that he’d pulled from somewhere within his robes. It was curved, like a skinning knife, and if it hadn’t been for the rough edges that’s what I would have called it.  “Track demons and evil spirits.” Bert blurted out as he fell to his knees. “Proof I am on your side. Track them; you’ll see it isn’t me fooling you.”
Erik paused and looked over at me. “Up to you. Personally, I’d just as soon dice him up.”
“Fuck, why not, Tracking will take me two seconds.” I grumbled.  I send out a thread to Track demons as a whole, paired with a thread for evil spirits, just to satisfy— Holy. Fucking. Hell.  I swayed on my feet and went to one knee, the overwhelming wash of pings I got back seriously making me re-think getting out of bed the day before.  We were surrounded by Orion’s minions.
Hundreds of them.

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About the author and where to find her:

author - shannon mayerShannon Mayer lives in the southwestern tip of Canada with her husband, dog, cats, horse, and cows. When not writing she spends her time staring at immense amounts of rain, herding old people (similar to herding cats) and attempting to stay out of trouble. Especially that last is difficult for her.  She is the author of the The Rylee Adamson Novels, The Nevermore Trilogy, A Celtic Legacy series and several contemporary romances.  Please visit her website at  for more information on her novels.

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Excerpt and Sweepstakes: The Lover’s Game (Book #2: No Exceptions Series) by J.C. Reed

Title: The Lover's Game Series: Book #2: No Exceptions Series Author: J.C. Reed Published: September 9, 2014

Title: The Lover’s Game
Series: Book #2: No Exceptions Series
Author: J.C. Reed
Published: September 9, 2014

Purple Goodreads


When love is a game…

After having her heart broken, Brooke tries to rebuild her life and closes herself off from the one man she loved deeply.

When she meets Grayson, a photographer, she has no idea that her new boss will offer her more than she bargained for. The pay is great, her new friends more than welcoming and everything seems to be running well…until everyone insists she find herself a new suitor during a night out.

Jett knows how to play games. He is used to getting attention from everyone except the beautiful dark haired woman who doesn’t like to be fooled with and doesn’t trust him as far as she can spit. He wants Brooke but, more than that, he wants to own her, and the only way to get her is to make her owe him…against her will.

And what Jett owns, Jett keeps forever.


Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iTunes ~ Kobo

About the author and where to find her: 

J.C. Reed is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of SURRENDER YOUR LOVE series. She writes steamy contemporary fiction with a touch of mystery. When she’s not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, she dreams of returning to the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. You can also find her chatting on Facebook with her readers or spending time with her two children.

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Release Day Review: Pulled Within (Book #2: Bar Harbor Series) by Marni Mann

Title: Pulled Within Series: Book #2: Bar Harbor Author: Marni Man Format: Kindle Edition, 230 pages Publication: September 12, 2014 by Booktrope Editions  ASIN: B00JG8TRGA

Title: Pulled Within
Series: Book #2: Bar Harbor
Author: Marni Man
Format: Kindle Edition, 230 pages
Publication: September 12, 2014 by Booktrope Editions

Purple Goodreads


Storms can’t last forever…can they?

For five long years, Rae Ryan has lived in a storm over which she has no control. Little by little, everything has been taken away from her—her job, her relationship, her best friend and her home. Plagued by nightmares and a terrible family secret, she carries her scars as much on the inside as she does on the outside.

Hart Booker, another disappointment from her past, returns to Bar Harbor and shelters her from the rain. He reminds Rae that forgiveness is possible, happiness can be found on the other side of darkness, and beauty rests beneath her scars. But a sinister figure lingering in the background seems determined to pull Rae back into a past she’s been trying to outrun. Can she survive the storm and become part of the light she so desperately desires? Or is she destined to remain
Pulled Within?

Recommended for mature audiences due to explicit language, sexual abuse, disturbing situations, and drug use.

Source: ARC from author

My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

Every once in a while, every single one of us likes to sit down and have ourselves a little pity party.  You know the kind I’m talking about: all hang dog sad with a pint of ice cream, your favorite pjs and, a good ugly cry book or movie.  Yeah, you’ve been there.  Next time you go there, pick up Marni Mann’s Pulled Within and you’ll get a serious dose of “my life so doesn’t suck that hard!”  :)

Rae originally shows up in Pulled Beneath, the first book in the Bar Harbor series and she is not really someone worth your sympathy or concern.  She is sad and angry and frequently an enabler to her best friend, Brady.  Rae’s only real redeeming quality is that no matter the circumstances she is there for Brady.  Even if she can barely care for herself, Rae is there is for Brady and that is how Pulled Within begins, Rae being there to rescue her best friend.  Brady has finally hit rock bottom and with no one else to call (because who calls their parents in a situation like this?), he calls Rae to come save him from himself.  Though she is not in a good position to do so, Rae rescues Brady and even in his pathetic state he sees how very bad Rae looks. 

Though she has tried desperately to hold it together Rae is out of work with no prospects in sight, she is within days of being evicted and, a critical and crippling anniversary is looming.  With everything going to Hell quickly, Rae isn’t sure she has anything left to drag herself out of the awful this time around.  But, what choice does she have?  With Brady finally making an effort to clean up his act, Rae summons all her resolve and courage and goes on the hunt for a place to stay and a job so she can get back on her feet.  What Rae doesn’t expect is the return of Hart Booker, the one man who has the power to derail her plans to get her life back on track, break her completely and, watch as she finally succumbs to the abyss that is her world. 

Hart Booker is wealthy, successful, intelligent, stunningly gorgeous and, willing to do anything to reclaim his place in Rae Ryan’s world.  The woman he sees before him is sad, broken, damn near defeated and, nothing like the girl he abandoned without a word years ago.  Though the abandonment wasn’t entirely his doing, Hart knows he has a lot to make up for and he is more than willing to do so.  Without doubt, Hart is still head over heels in love with Rae and he knows that if she will just give him a chance – even the smallest of chances  – he can bring some light back into her darkened world.  Hart has a lot to catch up on and if he is ever going to call Rae his own he is going to have to break down her walls and understand what has brought her to the dark and lonely place she seems to constantly be in.

The return of Hart rocks Rae’s world and once she understands the how and why of his abandonment it becomes a bit easier to allow him back into her world.  The road to an HEA for Hart and Rae is rocky, twisting and turning and one that will force Rae to face the demons of her past.  Hart is rock-solid and he wants to help Rae but even he is taken aback by the circumstances that have led to Rae’s current state.  Hart offers a safe place to live, a secure job and, lots of love but the hurdles are high and the drama is as intense as the sexual tension between the two. 

The Bottom Line: Pulled Within absolutely pulled me in from the very beginning and didn’t let go until the very last page.  After book one, I was bound and determined to hang on to my intense dislike of Rae but Marni Mann has put together one hell of a story and totally changed my mind.  Rae Ryan is a survivor and given the serious amount of sh*t she has faced in her life, it is a wonder she is still standing and able to get out of bed every day.  Though she certainly engages in some destructive behavior, Rae wants to be better, wants to feel better and, most importantly wants to live a happy and fulfilled life.  Even at her lowest moments Rae digs deep and finds the courage and the energy to keep moving forward and I found it increasingly difficult to dislike a character with that level of determination.  Once Hart comes back into Rae’s life, everything changes and you slowly begin to see Rae become the person she wants to be.  Though the road to an HEA certainly isn’t easy (I’m not sure Marni Mann is ever going to allow her characters an easy road!) it is worth it and Rae and Hart certainly fight for it.  The intensity in Rae is balanced by the lighter side of Hart and even though this read is laced with sadness there is always that ray of hope right underneath the surface.  Once again, Mann has given the reader solid characters with real and believable stories – characters that can absolutely be found in the real world.  Everything in this read is a perfect balance with no single element (the sex, the drama, etc.) overshadowing another.  In all, another excellent read from Marni Mann and one I highly recommend!


About the author and where to find her:

marni mannBest-selling author Marni Mann, knew she was going to be a writer since middle school. While other girls her age were daydreaming about teenage pop stars, Mann was fantasizing about penning her first novel.  She crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotion. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and their two dogs who subsequently have been characters in her books. When she’s not nose deep in her laptop working on her next novel, she’s scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling to new locations, and devouring fabulous books.

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